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Razr Returns: Motorola is relaunching the iconic foldable phone this time for $ 1,400

Motorola razr

The Motorola Razr is back!

Patrick Holland / CNET

When it came out in February, the Motorola Razr was an hyped future vision with roots firmly anchored in the past. It was the first modern smartphone that could be folded in half with a foldable display ̵

1; but it was also nostalgic because it looked like a clamshell from the early 2000s. In short, the phone was very, very cool. However, when the $ 1,500 phone launched, it had an issue called the Galaxy Z Flip.

Since the Z Flip had premium 2020 specs (compared to the modest 2019 specs for the Razr), was available from more vendors, and had a lower price tag, the Motorola foldable flip phone suddenly didn’t look as compelling out.

Look at that:

The new Motorola Razr adds 5G and has a lower price


Then it got worse than that pandemic began, forcing many people to tighten their spending habits.

Despite all of this, Motorola tries again six months later. It might have helped that Samsung added 5G to the Z Flip in August, increasing the price of its phone from $ 1,380 to $ 1,450. Motorola also made numerous improvements to the Razr, added 5G, and managed to bring the price down to $ 1,400, which is $ 50 less than that Z Flip 5G.


On the left is the Galaxy Z Flip in “Flex mode”. On the right is the new Motorola Razr.

Patrick Holland / CNET

It’s like the February Razr is a haunted house, and this new version is Motorola’s attempt to drive the ghosts out. Everything about the new Razr is better: the structure, the technical data, the cameras, the software and the costs. But it doesn’t have everything. The new Razr lacks two speakers, a headphone jack, headphones, wireless charging, and a high refresh rate display.

It’s also still expensive as it is a foldable phone. The compromises Motorola made at first glance seem to be working and should manage to make the Razr better and cheaper at the same time. From what I’ve seen, Motorola struck a good balance, and the Razr still has its cool factor. After all, even the pandemic can’t quite tarnish the glamor and exoticism of a foldable phone.


The Motorola Razr looks eye-catching next to a fake squirrel on a miniature picnic table.

Patrick Holland / CNET

Design: aluminum and glass look and feel first class

The phone comes in three colors: polished granite, blushing gold, and liquid mercury, which is also the name of my queen cover band. Even before I picked it up, I noticed the phone’s new improvements. This Razr’s chin is tapered. The back is no longer made of plastic, but of glass. There is a new aluminum frame. All of this results in a solid, premium appearance.

At the center of its foldability is the same zero gap hinge mechanism as the February Razr, but with some key adjustments. For one thing – actually my favorite improvement – the pivoting screen doesn’t squeak like a leather baseball glove when I open and close it. At least not on the test device I used.

The springs are tighter which makes the screen tighter and (along with the new tapered chin) makes it easier to open with one hand. The ends of the hinges are more pronounced, almost as if they were wearing shoulder pads. The volume rocker and power button are no longer on the same side of the phone, which makes them easier for me to distinguish.

The Razr also has an internal 6.2-inch OLED display, which consists of five different layers and has a hard coating. Motorola claims the screen is opened and closed 200,000 times. To give you an idea of ​​how much that is, you can open and close the Razr 100 times a day for five years without reaching that number.

In certain lighting conditions, with the screen turned off, I could see the edges of the steel plates that are behind the screen at the top and bottom. Your choices may vary. Even so, the screen looks good and still doesn’t have a permanent crease like that of the Galaxy Z Flip (which honestly doesn’t bother me either).

The phone is not IP certified for water or dust protection, but has a water repellent nano coating on all internal components and the outside of the phone. So if a few raindrops fall on the phone it should be fine. Just don’t drop it in the toilet.


The Razr doesn’t have an IP rating for water or dust resistance, but it does have a nano-coating that repels water. A few drops should be fine.

Patrick Holland / CNET

Camera and processor: 48 megapixel camera with OIS

Motorola’s main camera (on the outside of the phone) is now 48 megapixels – and uses it Pixel binning to reduce noise and brighten recordings in medium to poor light conditions. It offers optical image stabilization that enables slower shutter speeds in poor lighting conditions. The camera also has a time-of-flight sensor to help focus and take photos in portrait mode.

On top of the interior display, within Motorola’s bat-shaped notch on the screen, is an improved selfie camera with a 20-megapixel sensor.

The cameras and the telephone are supplied with power a Snapdragon 765G processor (the G stands for gaming), 8 GB of RAM and a 2,800 mAh battery with 15-watt turbo charge. The battery has a larger capacity than the February Razr but is still not huge compared to other phones. However, Motorola said that using the Razr’s outdoor display will help reduce the drain on the battery. And we need to see what 5G connectivity means for battery life.


When the Razr is closed and unlocked, the quick view turns into a mini andriod phone.

Patrick Holland / CNET

Android 10 software and quick view

The new Razr has 256GB of storage and runs on Android 10, which offers a number of new and useful features, especially for the quick view exterior display. When the phone is locked and closed, just move your hand over it or tap the power button to use the outside screen in Peek Display mode. This allows you to view notifications by pressing and holding an icon.

When the phone is closed and unlocked, the quick view turns into a mini Android phone. You can swipe down to get to the Control Panel, swipe up to see the notification shadow, swipe left to get to the camera, and swipe right to see a grid of apps you choose. You can use apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Gmail on the small display with a mini keyboard. Motorola also threw an addicting game for the display called Astro Odyssey. To be honest, it has the best music.

When you use an app in Quick View and then open your phone, it shows up right where you are. So when I watch a YouTube video through telescopes, I can continue to watch it on the larger interior display by simply opening the phone.

Other little things

Perhaps the biggest improvement on the Razr is that it is no longer exclusive to Verizon. It will go on sale this fall and you can get an unlocked version and use it on AT&T and T-Mobile with their sub-6 5G networks.

The February Razr only had an eSIM as well, but the new Razr has dual SIM support: a physical nano SIM card and an eSIM. There is also NFC for Google Pay.

Motorola is committed to two operating system updates and two years of security updates. Compare that to Samsung, which recently announced it supports new Galaxy phones with three operating system updates.

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