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Reddit says government data requests were more than doubled in 2018 – TechCrunch

According to Reddit the number of government requests for user data in 2018 has more than doubled compared to the previous year.

The news and content sharing site said in its latest Transparency Report, released Wednesday, that it received 752 requests from governments during the year, compared to 310 a year ago.

This is 171 inquiries to retain account information – against 79 requests in 2017 and 581 requests to create user data – compared to 231 requests. 19659002] Reddit said it met 77 percent of requests to migrate user data and 91 percent of retention requirements. However, the company states that it processes "only requests for safekeeping" that originated in the US.

During the year, the company said it had been asked by the US government "to remove an image and a large number of comments including it for a possible violation of a federal law" without telling what the body was. However, Reddit said that this would not be "overbroad" as the government did not declare illegality.

The Transparency Report lacks significant figures on national security. Since 201

6 there is no update.

The Company released a Warrant Canary in its 2014 Debut Report, confirming that it had "never received a national security letter at the time, an order under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. or another classified request for user information. In his Transparency Report a year later, the message was removed, indicating that Reddit had received a national security request but was allowed to release it.

We contacted Reddit for a comment, but did not hear it at the time of writing

Reddit, a platform known for its freedom of speech (which is sometimes unimaginable), has been increasingly critically reviewed by its users in recent days after Chinese tech giant Tencent has sold $ 300 million. Winnie the Pooh, a symbol intended to represent Chinese President Xi Jinping as a protest against Beijing's vast censorship on the Internet.

In response to questions posed by use After publication In the Transparency Report, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, who uses the username u / spez, said: [19659002]

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