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Reddit's monthly active user base increased 30% to 430 million in 2019 – TechCrunch

In a year-end retrospective released this morning, Reddit announced that its user base grew 30% this year to 430 million monthly active users (as of the end of October). Users contributed 199 million posts, 1.7 billion comments, and 32 billion upvotes.

Last year, Reddit announced 330 million monthly active users – larger than Twitter.

Monthly comments and monthly views also rose on an annualized basis in 2019, with increases of 37% and 54%, respectively.

The most-selected contribution this year was for the Reddit fundraiser, led by China's Tencent, which brought Reddit's $ 300 million D series in February and the $ 3 billion site. Users were concerned at the time the investment would lead to Chinese censorship, causing them to flood the site with images that would be banned in China. One of them, a photo of the "tank soldier" on Tienanmen Square, then became the most valued post with 228,000 votes.

In the meantime, the most-reviewed Ask Me Anything (AMA) post on Bill Gates's website received 1


Reddit also saw a number of trends in its more than 100,000 active communities, including significant growth in its top 50 beauty and style communities, up 63% and 52% respectively over the previous year. To a certain extent, these increases were attributable to the bloggers' beauty feuds – for example, the r / beautyguruchatter community rose 87% year-on-year. According to Reddit, the skin disease community was the most popular beauty community, reaching over 1 million subscribers.

The wedding-oriented Reddit communities also grew by 109% for weddings by 10,000 and 852% for weddings a year during the year. Family and parent communities grew 87% year-over-year.

The top 50 food communities grew 35% year-on-year and several spirits-targeted communities grew – such as r / tequila (+ 99%), r / whiskey (+ 52%), r / vodka (+ 44%). ), r / bourbon (+ 27%) and r / winemaking (+ 16%). The top 50 fitness / wellness communities grew by 30%.

Reddit continued to be at the center of the news this year, with the top 50 news communities up 17% year-on-year. The company first introduced the News tab in 2018 to increase access to current articles. This seems to have worked in the face of the increases. Top topics this year included Robert Müller's hearings, the current impeachment investigation, Hong Kong protests, climate change and more. r / politics remained the top news community.

Elsewhere on the site, the top 50 entertainment communities rose 27%, the top 50 sports communities 34%, and the top 50 gaming communities 42%.

The full report contains even more data and details.

One thing that Reddit's review of the year did not address, however, was the hard numbers in terms of page views or revenue. According to eMarketer, Reddit is on track to earn US advertising revenue of $ 119 million this year, which represents 0.1% of the US digital ad market. Analysts estimated that by 2021, this revenue would more than double to $ 261.7 million to reach 0.2%. For the year 2019, a share of 57% in mobile phone sales is expected.

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