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Reggie Watts’ WattsApp allows you to enjoy the comedian / musician without being followed

WattsApp by Reggie Watts

Comedian, musician, artist and actress Reggie Watts now has an app. And it has the best name: WattsApp by Reggie Watts.

WattsApp by Reggie Watts

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Trying to describe Reggie Watts is a bit like trying to explain the majesty of the Aurora Borealis. But I will try it. Draw a triangle and mark the dots as a comedian, musician and band leader. Then place a point outside that triangle and name it an actor. Finally, you’ll sketch a circle through the triangle and name it a Beatboxer. Somewhere between or outside of these points is Watt.

You may know him from his Netflix special Reggie Watts: Spatial 2016, his time on the Comedy Bang podcast! Bang! or from the Late Late Show with James Corden. Now he has his own app that has one of the most amazing names: WattsApp by Reggie Watts.

Watts was a guest on CNETs I’m so obsessed with podcasting. He explained that one of the motivations for launching an app is to protect the privacy of his fans from companies like Google. Facebook and Tick ​​tock.

“I wanted to have a place where people who enjoy what I do can go that are not tracked and there are no ads,” said Watts. “I just wanted it to be a cool place for people. It’s like my own multimedia channel. I’m certainly not the first to do this. But my thing is to offer so much transparency and clarity when it’s about being an artist. An artist’s responsibility is to be in control of the tools they use and the experiences they provide. “

The content of Reggie Watts’ WatgieApp is as diverse as that of Watts. When I first used it, I watched a video interview with musician Jack White that was filmed indoors using only drones. There are also live performances from Watts and a shop where he sells his old tech. Watts is a passionate early adopter when it comes to new devices and products.

“I’m always interested, ‘There’s this new technology with these headphones. So, let me try these headphones. They are supposed to do that and they are designed that way.’ [My interest] pretty much runs in terms of computer technology, music technology effects, cameras, video cameras, routers and pretty much anything connected, “said Watts.” And so I buy a lot of things. And then it piles up. When the app came out, I said, “Oh man, it would be so cool to have a store where I could just get rid of all of my old electronics.” And that’s where it really came from. “

During our chat, Watts shares his love-hate relationship with technology, obsession with optimization, growing up in Montana, and his relationship with James Corden.

I should note that this interview was recorded in early July.

Listen to my entire conversation with Watts on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Reggie Watts’ WattsApp is currently free to download from the App Store and will be available for Android shortly. You can subscribe to I’m So Obsessed on your favorite podcast app. In each episode, I meet with an artist, actor, or creator to learn more about work, career, and current obsessions.

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