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Remember: Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S is just “Xbox”

The Xbox logo

In a somewhat confusing marketing move that could leave generations of gamers scratching their heads, recall Microsoft quoting last year that Xbox Series X and then Xbox Series S is just “Xbox.”

Ben Gilbert, who was originally reported after the console’s official unveiling during The Games Awards night last December, explained why the new console has a simpler name than it seems. In short, this is just “Xbox”.

The confusion comes from the way the reveal is presented, which literally shows the word “Xbox” followed by the words “Series X”. (The Xbox Series S wasn’t released until much later, recently.) Although the demo itself included the two words, the font size differs as well. Unfortunately, it becomes a misconception that seems to pervade the gaming community (even the media) time and time again due to its prevalence and popularity.

It’s just “Xbox”

However, when you put reports together on the same timeline, you can find similarities that suggest the same thing. The next generation console from Microsoft is simply “Xbox”, according to the company’s representative.

This is indeed a confusing step where people, despite being differently conceptualized, could confuse one term with another. On the one hand, there is the original Xbox, which symbolizes Microsoft’s first entry into the game console business. Then there’s the whole ecosystem itself that things go on with Xbox. The clutter that follows the Xbox One, also known as the Xbox, adds to the clutter.

Complex Marketing

It’s understandable why Microsoft couldn’t stick to a numbering system as part of the Xbox label. Which apparently has something to do with his main competition and his cross-generational foray into the business program. However, referring to a next generation console with a term that already has double meanings just makes it harder for anyone to delete the “sub-label”. It is much easier to distinguish a “360” and a “One” from the original just by one of these appendices.

Without a doubt, Microsoft is pushing for a difficult endeavor by officially choosing to refer to its next-generation console simply as “Xbox”. I think the real consequence of this move won’t materialize until the successor to its new console is available, which is expected to compete with the PlayStation 6.

Until then, we’d have a hard time calling Microsoft’s next-generation consoles just Xbox. And without the need to entertain another idea, unless otherwise indicated.

Image courtesy of IGN / YouTube Screenshot

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