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Remix raises $ 15 million to move transportation planning to the cloud

In urban traffic, the world is becoming increasingly multimodal. People no longer strictly adhere to public buses and taxis, if they even start it – according to a study by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) in 2013, nearly 70 percent of millennials use a car sharing combination. Bike sharing, walking, subways and light rail from place to place.

The variety of modes of transport is forcing cities to adapt their infrastructure, and more than 300 have used the San Francisco Startup Remix cloud-based platform to help inform their decisions. To further expand this platform and win new government partners $ 15 million was added to Energy Impact Partners' Series B financing, as it became known today. This follows Series A of $ 1

0 million in May 2017, raising the company's risk capital to $ 27 million.

"We've started to make public transport more efficient and efficient, and we're proud of it. The success that more than 300 cities have had with the remix platform so far," said COO Tiffany Chu, the 2014 remix The other members of Code for America, Dan Getelman, Danny Whalen and Sam Hashemi, said: "Now cities have asked for support managing the dissemination of private mobility options, including carpools, dockless bicycles, escooter and possibly autonomous vehicles. We've enhanced the Remix Platform so that cities can take a holistic approach to improving transport policies, routes and infrastructure. "


Above: The Remix Planning Tools.

Credit: Remix

The Remix solution provides transporters with a wealth of data, both public and corporate data – including collision, curb and road density statistics Demographics, Passengers and Employment – and a drag-and-drop interface that planners can use to explore routes that meet local code requirements, automatically calculate the construction cost of those routes, and determine which residential and commercial spaces they would prefer in the long term It also identifies historical as well as real-time trends, such as how many scooters are on the road at any given time, and how new mobility impacts on the first and last mile links in the community , New Zealand, New Zealand According to the transport company, Remix & # 39; Dashboard d planning time during a recent 92-percent trans- portation reorganization and King County Metro claims it has been shortened by one year from the 2040 transit plan.

Another satisfied customer? The transportation department of Honolulu. "Together with Remix, we are designing the next generation of 'Honolulu 2.0', which is focused on integrated multi-modal options around our already robust TheBus network and our soon-to-open railway line," said DoT Services Deputy Director Jon Nouchi. "Remix ensures that we have developed well-planned, innovatively designed and mature solutions that are used for the benefit of our residents and visitors alike."

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