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Renault’s Mégane eVision concept gives a preview of the future EV range

As with the larger Ariya, the main features of the concept car are a small engine compartment, wheels pushed out into the corners, and plenty of passenger space. This is made possible by the “slim” batteries, which are only 11 cm high and enable an aerodynamic, sporty look. The batteries are also built into the EV structure so they can absorb shocks in the event of a side impact.

The concept provides for a 60 kWh battery charge with up to 130 kW, much faster than the current Renault Zoe range. This gives a range of 280 miles on the Euro-WLTP specification, which would be significantly lower in US EPA tests. Similar to the Ariya (with 63 kWh and an optional 87 kWh battery), the production Mégane EV will likely have multiple battery options. The concept engine products 21

5 horsepower, enough to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 8.0 seconds.

Renault said the eVision has the look of an SUV but is more like a compact crossover in size. As mentioned, it looks a lot like the Morphoz on the outside, with narrow LED matrix headlights, sleek body panels, flush electric door handles, and a rear spoiler.

It’s a few inches shorter than the average midsize hatch, but has more space inside, according to Renault. The company has not yet released pictures of the inside cabin, so it’s difficult to gauge the size. However, if it has something to do with the Ariya, it should look more like a lounge than a typical car interior thanks to the completely flat and very low floor. It will have a “slim and slim instrument panel” as well as a new modular passenger environment with integrated storage space.

Renault also announced that it will add the Arkana, Captur and Megane models to its electric vehicle and PHEV range. De Meo (formerly at Volkswagen) said the Mégane eVision’s CMF-EV platform was a “weapon against Volkswagen”, adding that Renault had refused to “give up our advantage and fall on a competitor’s first offensive” which presumably related to the ID card .3.

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