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Reporting on the Mulan press is blocked by the Chinese government

Mulan has a difficult conversation with the sorceress Xianniang.

Mulan has a difficult conversation.with the sorceress Xianniang.
image:: Disney

Although Disney’s live action Mulan Remake has just come across VOD in certain markets – prior to a theatrical release in areas that have allowed cinemas to reopen – the film has already come under significant fire, first for its stars Pro-police comments on the Hong Kong protestsand now for Disney’s decision to film Mulan in Xinjiang and to thank Local officials.

The most recent wave of criticism focuses specifically on Mulan expressly acknowledged that part of the film was shot in Xinjiang, northwest China’s territory, where at least 120,000 members of the Muslim Uighur minority population in the area are believed to have been arrested and taken to detention centers. The detention of the Uyghurs is only part of the Chinese State increasingly draconian initiatives increased surveillance to monitor the country’s Uighur population, out of the supposed desire to integrate the Uyghurs into Chinese society by being deprived of their ethnic identity, culture and political convictions through forced “re-education”.

because MulanExpressly note the credits that the shooting in Xinjiang was “extensive” and thank you It is clear that Disney spent several times making agreements that resulted in Xinjiang being able to make agreements. The problem is, the studio didn’t seem to think about how MulanProduction in China would be interpreted by those outside the company who have followed the history of the Uighur internment.

Now, Reuters reports that the Chinese government is taking action against virtually everyone Mulan Press coverage, presumably to prevent media from raising awareness of the fact that Disney worked with the government to make sure the film could be shot there. Disney has long had high hopes The Mulan would do fine at the box office, but the apparent censorship of any reporting in the Chinese press just a few days before his let goe puts a potential dent in that hope even before you get to the political swamp the studio is embroiled in.

Disney’s desire to take advantage of the Chinese box office by producing a version of Mulan should get better to portray the original Mulan legend and possibly address more this is understandable for Chinese moviegoers; Like all film studios, Disney is primarily concerned with making ridiculous amounts of money with its projects. But cases like this, where Disney is very open about the politics of a country, assuming that the public somehow cannot understand what is happening, speaks to the studio and does not have the foresight to understand the meaning or, in a weaker view that Disney just doesn’t feel that the Chinese government’s treatment of an ethnic minority is a problem for them to worry about being associated with Disney.

We asked Disney for a comment on this story and will update it if we get a response.

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