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Retailers face more bot attacks than ever before

From May to December last year, hackers conducted more than 10 billion malicious attempts at retail locations, according to new investigations by Akamai.

State of the Company in 2019 / Security: Retail Attacks and API Traffic Report shed light on the fact that retailing was the most targeted segment of hackers, while at the same time spreading the API call traffic on the web and the wrong one Highlighting the Ipv6-based traffic.

Akamai studied the method of so-called credential filling for his report and examines how hackers have started using botnets to steal credentials from retail websites. These stolen credentials are used to compromise accounts from which hackers purchase and resell retail goods for cash.

According to the report, the AIO bots used by hackers are multifunctional tools that allow for quick shopping by using the completion of credentials and a range of information from bypass techniques. A single AIO bot can e.g. For example, we can target more than 1

20 retailers simultaneously.

Abuse of credentials

Media and entertainment real estate is a notable victim of bad habits due to the valuable personal information these sites contain. Because end users provide their credit card information and demographics when they sign up for OTT online streaming services (OTT), this data is particularly valuable to hackers who sell it on the black market.

Akamai also noted significant numbers of alleged abuse attacks against financial services, hotel, travel and consumer goods locations.

Martin McKeay, security researcher and editor-in-chief of the company's most recent report, explained why retail locations have become a major target for hackers:

"Techniques are changing, but motivation remains the same: greed. Retailers remain At the front line, because stolen goods are sold quickly and at high prices, so the data shows which goods have the highest value: Garment websites are the most frequently attacked. "

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