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Revolut Product Manager George Robson – TechCrunch

The Silicon Valley venture capital company Sequoia Capital I recently opened a store in Europe after hiring Luciana Lixandru away from Accel’s London office. According to a tweet from Revolut product manager George Robson – and since then confirmed by Sequoia – the VC has now recruited a second European partner.

Robson, who previously co-founded the student-run Kickstart accelerator program in London and worked as an analyst at Morgan Stanley, announced via Twitter that he has joined Sequoia’s emerging European operations, where he says he will work with the team to help They founders across Europe to build the next generation of transformative companies. “

Robson writes, “After working with some of the brightest minds at Revolut for ~ 3 years to develop the world̵

7;s first truly global finance super app, it’s time for my next step. I am pleased to inform you that I will be joining Sequoia as a partner in Europe at the end of August. “In a second tweet, he added that“ there are more opportunities and innovations [in Europe] than ever”.

At Revolut, Robson was the product owner for Revolut Premium, Neobank’s paid bank account. He described himself on LinkedIn as the first job in the Revolut subscription product team and recruited and managed multiple roles in product & engineering, product marketing and strategic partnerships.

He is also believed to have been responsible for the roadmap delivery of Revolut retail plans, including the launch of Revolut Metal and several third-party integrations, including concierge, smart travel, insurance and gift features.

Robson will officially launch at Sequoia on August 24, where his focus will be on early and high-growth investment opportunities. He will be based in London and will work closely with the VC teams in Europe and the United States. In a broader sense, Sequoia is expanding its presence in Europe to better support local portfolio companies and build relationships with the most promising founders in the US region as early as possible.

In the meantime, Robson is expanding Sequoia’s new European team. Earlier this year, Accel lured Luciana Lixandru. Described by Sequoia as an emerging star in venture capital, she is best known for leading Accel Series A in UiPath and has worked with Deliveroo, Miro and Tessian, among others.

Article updated with Sequoia’s confirmation and additional details.

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