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Richard Plepler, CEO of HBO, leaves the company as part of the restructuring of AT & T

HBO Chairman and Chairman Richard Plepler, who has been with the company for 27 years and has held the position of CEO since 2013, retires at its parent company AT & T due to a more extensive restructuring Variety ,

Plepler, who joined Time Warner in 1992, is a notable industry figure involved in HBO's greatest achievements. He had Game of Thrones on hit shows, among others, and helped HBO establish both its HBO Go streaming platform and its direct HBO Now alternative. He broadly agrees that the network has maintained its prestigious television quality as well as aligned its strategy to the streaming landscape that has led to Netflix, Amazon and other competitors.

HBO, however, did not seem to change fast enough. The change is said to be part of a new strategy by WarnerMedia, the group that owns HBO, which bore most of the assets that AT & T acquired last year through its merger with Time Warner, which the Department of Justice did not join earlier this week Could appeal. According to Variety John Stankey, CEO of WarnerMedia, plans to hire former chairman of NBC Entertainment, Bob Greenblatt, to lead a new combined division with HBO and CNN owner Turner, as well as a new streaming service oversee the year.

It's not too surprising, however, after the AT & T executives went through the Time Warner merger last year. Stankey, the mega leader today, and probably the one who pushed Plepler and Levy out, made brave remarks about HBO's need to talk to employees last year, which later leaked The New York Times . After a peculiar metaphor, Stankey said HBO has to undergo a "birth" to become a network with a much wider range of entertainment to compete better with Netflix.

"They will work very hard, and the next year will ̵

1; my wife hate it when I say that – feel like a birth. They'll look back and love it a lot, but it will not feel great when you're in the middle of it, "Stankey told the HBO staff, who did not like the remarks. After The Times Plepler even interrupted Stankey to point out that HBO made a profit. Stankey replied, "They do. Not enough. "

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