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Ring ring! Our preferred landline phones are calling

My childhood dream should be a grocery cashier. I liked the beep of the price scanner and the click of buttons in the cash register I pictured. I still find solace in certain sounds and touches like I did as a kid. So it makes sense that I’ve been obsessed with landline phones for as long as I can remember.

Before modern cell phones had full touch screens, phones were unique: tactile buttons with clicks and bumps, sleek plastic bodies that felt good against your ear, and curly cords that you could play around with on an extra long phone call.

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I feel very happy growing up because I got to experience life before and after each house with multiple computers and cell phones. I grew up making long phone calls late into the night. I̵

7;ve cried to friends under my covers, phone to my ear; I flirted with boys and argued with friends until my parents told me to hang up. I even called my grandmother, disguised as my alter ego Alice, for the occasional chat. (I was a weird kid, OK?)

With the introduction of cell phones, I went from spending hours on the phone to being afraid of actual phone calls. The smartphone has made life dramatically easier, but I miss the feeling of a good old-fashioned landline in my hand. These examples below are some of my favorites.

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