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Rocket League will be played for free on September 23rd

Over the past few months, Psyonix has been explaining how various aspects of the free-to-play transition will work, including evolving across platforms. Tomorrow (September 16) there will be an update for existing players that will allow them to link the game to an Epic Games account. Once you̵

7;ve done that, you’ll be able to access the Missile league Items that you have unlocked on all platforms. Those who already own the game will also receive legacy items tomorrow. The update contains further additions and changes to the quality of life.

When Missile league will be played for free next week and released on the Epic Games Store. If you claim the game there by October 23rd, you will receive a $ 10 voucher that you can redeem for any game or add-on in the store, as long as it costs at least $ 14.99. When you download Missile league You can also get a few bonus cosmetic items from the Epic Store when you first launch it.

It seems that there is Fourteen days-related in-game event is also in the works. Psyonix said there will be more details soon on a Lama-Rama event that will begin soon after the free-to-play move.

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