Rotten Tomatoes tries to fight trolls with a change in spectator ratings – TechCrunch

Rotten Tomatoes made some changes to prevent trolls from attacking movies even before they were released.

The Summary Aggregator (owned by Fandango) recently announced that users are no longer allowed to post any commentary on a movie before the movie actually appears.

This seems to be a breeze, and it comes less than two weeks before the release of "Captain Marvel" – the latest blockbuster movie, which is being targeted by online commentators, who appear to be upset that movies are not focus more exclusively on white male heroes. (Still, "Captain Marvel" seems to be a great success for both Marvel and Disney.)

"Unfortunately, we have seen some unconventional input, sometimes bordering on trolling, which we think is a problem our general readership, "says the website. "We have decided that disabling this feature for the moment is the best course of action."

The site also says that it no longer displays the "Want to See" score for a movie, supposedly because it has become "confusing". Audience Score "- will reappear after a movie is released.

" Do not worry, "says Rotten Tomatoes ," the fans will still have their say "as soon as the movie is out With reactionary idiots still thinking that this is the best place for their critics on SJWs, they have the opportunity ̵[ads1]1; but this will make it a little harder for them to influence the excitement of a movie before it comes out. [19659007]

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