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Rumor: Capcom gives us Resident Evil 3: Remake in 2020

According to rumors, we will see another remake of a popular 90s horror game – in this case, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. After the remake of RE2 was such a joy, we can not wait to see more … and may not have to. It says we could see this remake as early as 2020.

The main source for the rumors is YouTuber SpawnWave, although people like Eurogamer and VGC have reported hearing similar things. Apart from the supposed release date, we have no idea how Capcom will continue the game. The original was released about a year and a half after its predecessor, so it would be particularly impressive if the company managed to repeat this feat with the remakes.

Honestly, we probably had the suspicion that Capcom was working on a RE3 remake. Assuming they did not have it in preproduction before Re2 Remake came out (I'll put my chips on "they've definitely done it"), the latter was so successful it would be folly, at least not thinking about it. And if the rumors are true and the game comes out in 2020, it's been a while in the making. This Agrees with the Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi said in an interview with GameWatch directly that the main reason they made RE2 new was that fans kept asking them to do so. Well, they asked just as much for RE3 I'm sure.

But something else must be tried if it is to remain true to the spirit of the original game. RE2 has been closely aligned with the original in terms of limited ammunition / limited zombies / combat, which is not always your best option, with a focus on the survival part of the survival horror. RE3 is a bit more combat-oriented. Protagonist Jill Valentine and her commanders are better prepared than Leon and Claire, traversing a much larger section of Raccoon City.

If we want to bring Nemesis into the game, we also have to find A way to distinguish him from Mr. X's remake. I am delighted to think of Jill as opposed to what the alien is from Alien Isolation . Given Jill's longer, more straightforward path, you could make his appearance more random and intimidating by mumbling Evil 3 at that time with that vile monotone voice "STARS." The company currently seems to focus on its RE multiplayer game Project Resistance .

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