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Rumor has it that the Apple One service bundle could be released soon

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In the weeks leading up to Apple’s September event Rumors whirled around The company could be poised to launch long-awaited subscription bundles that bundle Apple services at lower prices than users paid for them individually. Now more evidence points to a new mega-bundle some reports have said the company is referred to as “Apple One”.

The folks at 9to5Google noted in a beta update to the Apple Music for Android app that the company is apparently ready to include the service as part of a larger package called the Apple One, though the website reported the code on it indicates that he is referenced internally under the name “Aristotle”. The code discovered by 9to5Google indicated that users “won’t be charged for both subscriptions” if they already have Apple Music subscriptions but choose Apple One. However, the code also said that Android users would have to manage their Apple One subscriptions from Apple devices.

Apple did not immediately return a request for comment.

Finding this week strengthens Previous reporting that Apple Service Bundles were on their way – which makes sense given Apple’s tough involvement in the subscription services arena. Back in June 9to5Mac Code found in a beta version for iOS that references a “Bundle Offer” and a “Bundle Subscription”. And in August Bloomberg reported that an Apple-exclusive service bundle could arrive as early as the fall with the release of iOS 14.

While Apple’s plans could always change, Bloomberg reported at the time that the bundles could pack services like Apple Music and Apple TV + together, while a premium and more expensive tier could include all of Apple’s services as well as iCloud storage. It’s possible that Apple is offering tiers that give users more control over what they pay for.

This could also help attract subscribers to services like Apple TV +, which still have a comparatively thin range of content compared to streaming giants like HBO or Netflix. (Apple TV + even recently introduced A third-party bundle option for subscribers that gives them CBS All Access and Showtime at a discount. This indicates that the company is looking for new ways to attract new subscribers and keep existing ones.)

Every way Apple offers its bundles is likely to lure consumers into taking advantage of Apple’s own ecosystem of devices and services. And even if the company doesn’t showcase its bundles at next Tuesday’s event, it’s possible Apple will do so before the end of the year, possibly at a later event. In either case, given the pricing of the current standalone services, we can likely expect the bundles on offer to be competitive.

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