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Rumors have it that Apple will hold an event for Macs on November 17th

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In case you thought two big Apple events this fall weren’t enough, the company seems to have one more big announcement planned – this time for the Mac – slated for mid-November.

The latest information is from Jon Prosserwho had a somewhat spotty track record for rumors earlier in the year but has been more accurate lately with a number of correct predictions about Apple’s most recent iPhone 12 event. Apple will hold an event in November to announce new information about ARM-based Macs, according to Prosser. The expected date for the event is currently set for November 17th.

While Apple hosts three events in one season, it’s a little unusual according to the announcement major transition to ARM-based processors For the entire Mac line at WWDC 2020 and with the promise of at least one new ARM-based Mac to be unveiled before the end of the year, many had assumed that a Mac-specific keynote for this Fall / Winter would be a given.

While it’s difficult to say exactly what Apple will announce, I suspect the first Mac to feature an ARM-based chip specially designed by Apple will be a thin and light laptop similar to the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13 – though I wouldn’t do that Unsurprisingly, a new Mac Mini or iMac with an ARM-based chip is also being announced. However, don’t expect Apple’s entire line of computers to be completely overhauled from top to bottom, as Apple has already announced that the transition will be gradual over the next two years.

New Macs aside, it’s possible that Apple’s November event could shed some light on Apple’s AirTagsthat many expected to be announced sometime this year. For anyone wanting to see news about the AirPods Studio – supposedly Apple’s upcoming over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones – Prosser claims The release for this has been postponed to sometime next spring.

For those of you who haven’t received any Apple announcements, there will be more information on new Macs in November.

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