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Sales of US video games have a record quarter as consumers stay at home – TechCrunch

New figures from NPD confirm what we have known for some time: The first quarter of 2020 was very good for gaming companies. The new report finds that sales in the US reached a record $ 10.86 billion between January and March this year, an increase of 9% year over year. Of that, $ 9.58 billion came from video game content.

The main driver is, you guessed it, COVID-19. With orders to stay at home issued at federal and state levels, people are coping with the ongoing daily horror of 2020 by playing video games. Many, many video games.

Here is Mat Piscatella from the NPD, which further confirms our suspicion: “Video games have brought millions of people comfort and connection in this challenging time. Since people stayed more at home, they used gambling not only as a distraction and escape, but also as a means to stay connected with family and friends. Whether on the console or on the mobile phone, on the PC or in virtual reality ̵

1; gaming recorded game and revenue growth in the first quarter. “

The last piece is, in part, the key to many consumer game titles. As previously stated by the company, Animal Crossing: New Horizons had its own record in the first quarter. This, in turn, helped increase Switch’s sales, despite Nintendo’s well-documented delivery problems. The title arrived just in time for home orders in the U.S., delivering a kind of forward-looking social experience that much of the competition lacks. Also beets.

In fact, the switch’s success has helped offset the losses of other platforms. Microsoft and Sony will undoubtedly make profits at the end of the year with their next generation consoles. However, despite the pandemic, many consumers are currently waiting until their vacation comes to invest in Xbox or Playstation hardware. The rising unemployment rate in the United States undoubtedly also affected the business performance of the industry.

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