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Samsung 65 “QLED TV, Bralette Six-Pack, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, MacBook Pro 2019, Bose SoundSports and more

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A Samsung 65 “QLED television, a Big discount on a six-pack of bralettes, a Sale on Xbox Game Pass AND PlayStation Plus, 2019 MacBook Pros, Bose SoundSport wireless earphones, a 1500A jump starter, and a Series of VPN deals run the best deals on Thursday.

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Tired of your ISP tracking your every move? Do you wish it was a bit easier to fool Netflix into being based in Norway? Here’s a solution that covers your ass for at least a year and a half: ZenMate VPN offers 6 months free if you do Sign up for $ 2 / month for one year– a disclosure discount of 80%. Give it a try and if you hate it, you’re only $ 25 in the hole.

But we think you will like it. ZenMate VPN comes from the same house that brought you CyberGhost VPN, one of the five best virtual private networks, according to our sister site, Lifehacker. The main difference is? ZenMate is cheaper and has fewer servers. In addition, the customer is limited to a contact form on the website. In the meantime, CyberGhost has a live support chat around the clock and the number of servers is almost ten times.

Both ZenMate and CyberGhost have great deals right now, so try them out with the rest of the world Top VPN deals this week in our always up to date evergreen summary.

Are you a self-proclaimed audiophile? Do you listen to music all day every day? You’re lucky because Bose Soundsport headphones are $ 150 in Adorama. They regularly cost $ 200, but with an immediate discount you save $ 50 on these bad guys. The Bose headphones have the amazing sound you are used to, a built-in microphone and a useful life of up to five hours. They also come with a handy bag where you can keep your buds until you can use them. Grab a couple before they’re gone.

If you’re an evil fool who hears NPaaaaaahhh Wicked Aaudios Hum 900 wireless headphones are only $ 24 ovah at Meh. This is a scorcha of a deal, so grab them while they’re on and don’t miss out.

Originally published by Gabe Carey on May 8th, 2020 and updated on May 14th, 2020 with new information from Quentyn Kennemer.

Brands with higher value have entered the market with QLED televisions, a class of devices that use quantum dots to achieve brighter and more vivid colors. Samsung was a pioneer in this move, but not without exorbitant start-up costs for early adopters. For example, the 65 “Q9F used to cost over $ 5,000, but it is Yours at B & H Photo today for $ 1,800. This is the lowest price you’ll find for a new state model, and these aren’t always that easy to find these days. Take advantage of this if you’ve considered a major upgrade.

Today, you can get up to $ 300 with a 13.3-inch retina display, Intel’s 1.4 GHz Core i5 quad-core processor, 8 GB RAM, Touch Bar and Touch ID, and more save on a 2019 MacBook Pro. Your maximum savings depend on which model you get: the The 128GB model costs $ 150 for a total of $ 1,150while a The 256GB model only costs $ 50 more thanks to a meaty $ 300 discount. They will be delivered to B&H Photo pretty soon.

Everything that glitters may not be gold, but this is portable SSD from Samsung is total; B & H Photo is currently saving you $ 20. Regardless of whether you need it on the go, need to add extra storage space to your computer or just want to have a backup of all important files on hand, a portable SSD with plenty of storage space will solve most storage problems without taking up a lot of space on your desk.

Do you want to blow up your favorite bops without breaking the bank? The right Bluetooth speaker can fill your room with your favorite tunes while you are doing your work, or just play a podcast while you surf the web. There is no shortage of good speakers on the market, but they can get quite expensive, and now is probably a good time to save where you can. Anker’s Soundcore Flare + Bluetooth speaker, typically $ 100, is now only $ 70 at Amazon. It offers decent sound without costing too much, and its LED ambient lights can help give the room a nice atmosphere and change things.

Regardless of whether you get used to it or not, looking at your laptop from your kitchen table all day to achieve good posture is not conducive, and it could eventually take a toll. A good monitor is one way to avoid too much neck strain. However, they can get expensive, so finding the right one is difficult. Dell U2412M 24-inch UltraSharp monitor doesn’t offer the best resolution or the largest screen, but at only $ 175 at B & H Photo today, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to bring extra screen space into your home office.

A few weeks ago, our new associate editor at The Inventory, Quentyn Kennemer, a self-proclaimed “refurbaphobia”, was later transferred to the back market Checking a new iPhone 8 that changed his view of outdated devices forever. The same website is now selling a refurbished 64GB iPhone 11 in “good” condition for $ 600 iPhone 11 flash sale with the promo code LIGHTNING.

Save money and keep landfills free of electronic waste. As we all know, our planet is unable to handle 1-2 million years of decaying iPhones. While the planned obsolescence is a factor to consider when purchasing Refurbed, you don’t have to worry about not getting the latest iOS updates if you buy the LATEST iPhone for $ 100 less.

Without proper precautions, your privacy may not be completely secure while you browse the Internet through a public connection. This is where a good VPN comes in: it helps you keep your surfing anonymous and protect your IP address from prying eyes. There are numerous options to choose from, from free to high-quality services. CyberGhost VPN offers its service for only $ 100 exclusively for Kinja readers if you sign up for three years.

It’s well worth considering, but CyberGhost VPN has not conducted any public audits and some have raised concerns about the use of trackers. If that affects you, there are many other great options out there how TunnelBear.

It may not be able to suck in viral pathogens, but an air purifier at least makes your air a little more comfortable to breathe. The highly rated ProShield Plus cleaner from Oreck with its Truman Cell filter system is currently facing a massive bargain at SideDeal: Only $ 179 to own one, a 55% discount from RRP. It’s suitable for rooms up to 78 square feet, has three speed settings and a remote control.

And if you are wondering why it pays to pay more for something like this compared to standard cleaners:

Air purifier with patented oracle Truman Cell Filtration uses EP (Electrostatic Precipitator) technology to attract particles to the filter and trap dust, allergens, dander and smoke. While the performance is similar to HEPA Media, Truman Cell Filters are permanent, which means that they never have to be replaced.

That means that it will eventually pay off.

B & H Photo comes in Insanity on a LG Ultrawide 34 “1440p monitor, complete with HDR10 for a gamut that supports billions of colors, mostly thanks to its nano IPS technology. Unfortunately, this type of kit is not cheap. You’ll want to campaign for this one: it’s usually $ 1,000, but if you cut off the coupon, you’ll save $ 250.

It’s still almost a monthly mortgage, but hey, at least you’ve gotten a full immersion in your games, which should distract you from the fact that you’re eating ramen for the foreseeable future.

Do you need a personal television or were you already on the market after this pandemic started? Well, you’re in luck because for a cheap one $ 150you can get your hands (and eyes) on that Vizio 32 “LED TV. It costs $ 60 less than B & H Photo’s original list price and is absolutely smart! It has voice control, additional apps, and screen mirroring technology so your TV runs out of time! Grab that before it’s gone!

We’ve all lost a few files over the years, like a project you didn’t save before Windows installed an update, or a bad drive that removed all of your family photos with it. That does not have to be that way. With a good backup drive, you can ensure that even if something happens to your computer, e.g. B. a theft or an unfortunate spill, another copy of all important files is in a safe place. The Seagate 4TB External Hard Drive is a great option for people with a lot of data, so that even large film libraries or photo archives can be accommodated. B & H Photo is up to $ 100.

If you haven’t secured a battery bank yet, consider taking a snapshot The 26,800 mAh three-port model from RAVPower, now up to $ 30 if you cut out the coupon on Amazon and use the exclusive coupon code KINJA412. This has three USB-A ports, all of which can be charged with 2.4 A. It doesn’t offer the fastest charging speeds for your smartphones and tablets (there is no Qualcomm quick charge), but it is better than a $ 800 paperweight if you can’t find an outlet.

If you spend enough time on a laptop, you will likely be frustrated that there are no ports. This is especially true if laptops are converted to USB-C while all of your old devices are still USB-A. You can fix this with a good USB-C hub that will return the missing ports and possibly some extras. Anker’s 5-in-1 USB-C hub Offers two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port and slots for SD and microSD cards, and is available now at Amazon for $ 18 using the promo code ANCHOR HUB 34 as well as an on-page voucher.

While tablets are great for sketching on a computer, they offer some other useful features that many may find useful. For example, people with RSI problems may find that using a tablet instead of a mouse, although difficult at first, can relieve some hand cramps and improve handling. In both cases, Wacom’s tablets are some of the best you can get, and B&H Photo is currently selling them Intuos Pro tablet for a $ 130 discount, which reduces it to just $ 140. For anyone looking to improve their digital art game or just looking for relief in their new home office, this is a great tablet to get started with.

By now you probably know the silhouette of your employees who haven’t quite figured out their lighting for work from home. If you are among them, not all hope is lost. You can grab it LED LED ring light from Ledgo for $ 160 at B & H Photo today, saving you $ 90. It illuminates your face so that your colleagues can see you even in the darkest room while you check in weekly.

Are you trying to be a budding cook? Do you have plans to launch a YouTube channel or are you just looking for high quality pots and pans? Well, look no further than that Epic 11-piece cookware set. It is made of stainless steel, is non-sticky and dishwasher safe. The $ 145 The set also has cool-touch handles, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands while rattling or taking your browned chicken out of the oven. You will receive a soup pot, two pots, a pan, a frying pan and four lids. Grab that before it’s gone!

Oh, the joy of owning a bigger vehicle. Parking in almost every city I have ever been to not only costs more, but starting assistance is also very important. On a positive note, they are occasionally offered for sale for almost 40% off, as is the case with the Gooloo starter pictured here.

This 1500A jump starter, which can breathe new life into your SUV, pickup, tractor, and even your yacht, normally costs $ 80. Compared to the $ 60-70 price on many 800A models that are geared towards more compact cars (the 1500A Gooloo supports up to 8-liter gasoline and 6-liter diesel engines), this is a high luxury tax for Owners of larger bikes.

Get high-end jump start for the entry fee of $ 50 Cut out the voucher shown here and entering the promo code UDQ34XOM at checkout. Thanks to the integrated 15,000 mAh power bank functionality, you never have to worry about your truck or phone dying again.

This article was originally updated by Gabe Cary in March 2019 and updated with new information from Quentyn Kennemer on 05/14/2019.

If you are looking for something that helps with all allergens in the air, you have come to the right place Winix air purifier. At the $ 179It is 40% cheaper than the list price and contains collecting discs to collect pollen and dust as well as anything that can irritate you or other people in your house. It is also a humidifier that can filter about three gallons of water a day. I’d grab before it’s gone.

Just because you are not at work does not mean that your “colleagues” – A.K.A., your family – will not eat the leftover meatloaf that you saved for lunch. In fact, a study that you completed on-site but based on years of personal experience suggests that a family is ten times more likely to steal from the fridge than a stranger. Keep yours where you work and put all your edible valuables where only you can reach them. Daewoo lets you do it with it Retro Red 4.4 cubic foot mini fridgeThis equates to $ 301 after a 25% discount.

Daewoo offers other colors of this spacious unit for a little less exciting $ 315, including White, City blue, and Cream beige. There are also Mint condition for $ 34015% discount.

At Amazon you can find a few Cuisinart pots for very reasonable dough quantities. This 5.5qt frying pan is deep enough and wide enough to create the sauces of your dreams, and maybe even a deep dish pizza, and it only costs $ 49 to own one. You also have one 2qt sauce pan up to $ 30.

Start with intelligent lighting this handy kit, which includes the Philips Hue hub and three of the A19 smart lamps that can be matched to any color you want. Hue’s colorful light bulbs are expensive. Anything that’s cheaper is usually one of the white light bulbs. This starter set currently costs $ 11 less than the list price, so you can get started easily. You can even control them with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

People love succulents because they are low-maintenance, difficult to kill, and pretty to look at. They are the dream plant for forgetful people. Succulents were a kind of gate plant with my friends who are now crazy flower mums and plant fathers. Leaf and Clay want to help you get green guardianship with a subscription from Three plants are delivered to your home each month.

When you become a Plant Club member at Leaf and Clay, you pick three distinctly different succulents per moth. They stand by every one of them who is lively and alive. For the month of May they offer Anacampseros rufescens, Crassula ‘Money Tree’ and Kalanchoe ‘Chocolate Soldier’. What weird funny names.

They will be sent out on the seventh of every month unless you start your subscription afterwards. Within three days of purchase. You can cancel at any time. Fees apply to all subscriptions.

Who wouldn’t want a set of colorful knives for their kitchen? If your current knife set is boring and not very inspiring, I would grab it $ 19 Cuisinart 6-piece knife set that’s a 62% discount. It includes a chef’s knife, a slicing knife, a serrated bread knife, a Santoku knife, a utility knife and a pairing knife. It also includes six knife covers and a Cuisinart lifetime warranty. You will never be confused which knife is which, because it is basically color-coded. Grab this offer before it’s gone!

If you have had trouble sleeping during these difficult times, you are not alone, but Magicteam may be able to help you. Her sleep sound machine is on today Selling for $ 21.

This noise machine has 4o non-grinding noises such as rain, bird, waves, campfire, grilling and more. I am a thunderstorm girl myself. It has 32 volume levels that you may have to play with depending on your sound selection and preference. There is an easy to set timer or you can run it for continuous playback. This is perfect for every fussy sleeper, be it you, a significant other or even a baby.

This deal only runs a few hours today or until they are sold out. A guarantee of 18 months is granted from the date of purchase. And Prime members get free shipping.

It’s time to update Fido or Kitty’s lounge while the quarantine is being redesigned. Why? Because we owe them that they’ve been so cool to us in the past few weeks. (We know they love it.) Wayfair currently has over 2,500 pieces Pet furniture for sale with discounts of up to 80%.

Mats, scratching posts, pens, stairs and gates are included in this sale. I have an old doll, so I know it’s time to get it stairs easier to get on and off. Whatever you choose, we know your pets will love it for a few days before finally returning to the unresponsive box in your house or the laundry pile in your room.

Free two day shipping on all orders over $ 35.

I know that I am not the only one who has spent a lot in and on my bed in the past few weeks. When I look at the same bedding and bathroom decor, I feel that Marie Kando is not enjoying it. The half-yearly sale of Wayfair started just in time. Receive up to 70% discount everything in their bed and bath sale.

This includes everything you can think of in these areas. A lot of Bedside tables or dresses, Carpets, and even Headboards. If you’ve indulged in a little retail therapy, consider the sweet and sweet stylish options for storing new goods not yet ready for use.

And of course there are plenty of sheets and duvets, over 250 pieces, to beautify your room. These ultra soft duvet is over 50% off and this checkered sheets are discounted by almost 80%.

Free shipping on orders over $ 35. This sale ends on May 20.

If the above mixer alone is not enough, pull the Ninja Mega kitchen system instead. As you can see above, this package contains many more kitchen appliances that could come in handy.

Not only does this 1500W system offer more power, it also has a 64-ounce food processing bowl that you can use to chop food and even mix dough. It also has a pair of 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups with lids, perfect for smoothies. All in all, this hideous bundle currently costs $ 40 less.

Summer is a great time to spice up the sneaker area of ​​your wardrobe. And if you can do it for less money, so much the better. Keds is known for its classic American look with a small torch. There are currently over 100 types of women’s shoes for sale for $ 25 at Keds.

Slip-ons, sandals and decks are included in this offer. There are also a handful of kids couples, but it’s a minimal selection. Some of the collaborations Keds has done with companies like Rifle Co. are in the dedicated sales department But the savings are nowhere near as good.

Free shipping on all orders. No word on when this sale ends, but I would buy quickly if you see something you like.

Not to be a mother, but all babes who have been without a bra at home for the past million weeks should have some support. I’m not saying that they should be put in jail. I say give them something to keep them busy. A bralette is a good time in between. Angelina offers two different ones Sixpacks bralettes for $ 25That is a saving of 83%.

These are wireless, but still offer a comfortable hold and are easy to set. Angelina actually calls these bras the “perfect work-from-home bra”. Choose from different colors (with racerback) or the more traditional pack of black, white and beige (with a U-back). The dimensions are 32A-40C. And the front is two-ply with the option to leave the padding in or out.

Shipping costs $ 7.99 or $ 4.99 for a monthly subscription to Morning Save. The sale runs for the next fifteen hours or until they are sold out.

Who says bingeing is only for college kids and Netflix addicts? You can also travel, and that is exactly what many of you expect if we can move about the world more freely. Prepare yourself with a new one now two-piece luggage set by TravelPro, now to an all-time low of $ 121. You get a carry-on baggage and checked combination with comfortable, durable handles and rotating wheels that allow you to walk like at the airport Prince walks up to the asphalt surface.

Do you remember when LeBron got leg cramps in Game 1 of the 2014 NBA final and was carried out of the arena? This summer I asked to be LeBron from every facility. Unfortunately, that never happened, but Ladder did it. This is the product he and his trainer developed to make sure it never happened again Now 30% discount with code BETTER DAY.

With the help of trainer Mike Mancias, they worked with a team of nutritionists and wellness trainers over the next four years to develop ladder. The three things LeBron asked about in this supplement are taste, performance and quality, and they are free of prohibited substances and contaminants.

I met one of the two Sample packs ($ 4- $ 7) to see which one works best for you, return and get a larger order. This sale also includes dress and accessories, just in case need a new shaker.

Free shipping on all orders and this offer runs through June 13th.

Is it genius or insane? Today only Everlane gives you the opportunity Choose what you can pay for. Actually, that’s genius. Your savings are between 20% and 50%. The sale continues until the product sells out, or at midnight tonight, whichever comes first.

What is actually going on at Everlane is this: periodically choose from a limited selection of overstock and let the price determine. However, it is not an amount, there are three choices and you simply choose the one you want. The most coveted items in this event are Sports shoes, the boss bag, and the denim jacket. There are approximately 150 articles in each section for Men and Women.

They also donate any profits that they make to them 100% human line to Feeding America, so if you can have a tea or a tank and help too.

Free shipping on all orders.

BOGO Sales Reebok | Use the code CONGRATS

BOGO sale | Reebok | Use code CONGRATULATION
photo:: Reebok

If we send the 2020 high school students into an uncertain future, they might as well have comfortable footwear. Aside from all the jokes, it gets tough out there, and if you buy one, you get a free deal for a few smooth kicks.

Sneakers, t-shirts, leggings and hoodies are included in this offer. There are 169 products to choose from. If you grab two things with different values, the lowest price will be deducted at checkout.

See, we won’t tell anyone if you use this code and are not a graduate. It is still very important to buy a new pair of sneakers for you and a friend.

Free shipping on orders over $ 25 and sales run all day.

If you have combination skin (and most of us do), it is often difficult to control a greasy T-zone and prevent a chin from drying out. This means that several elements are needed to balance your skin. SkinCareRX knows that the fight is real and will sell these items. With code COMBO 27% discount at checkout.

I have said it many times, I stand by something about La Roche-Posay and this Detergent will get all the dirt out of your pores. Grab that Spray from Peter Thomas Roth to reduce these pores after you clean them. And if you use a moisturizer afterwards Jurlique day cream is a good choice.

This sale runs through May 19 and is free on orders over $ 49.

We could all do a little T.L.C. at the moment and if you can save some money, so much the better. These The wireless percussion massager is currently available for $ 59. That is more than half the original price. So you should have additional price headaches.

This massager has over twenty different speeds and can range up to a professional spa appointment. Depending on your requirements, there are five interchangeable attachments. Round, fork, air cushion, flat and ball each have specific goals. The ball sounds divine as it helps loosen tensions or knots, and I know of some backs that could surely use that. You can relax for about two hours between charges.

If you’ve already read some of our articles on SideDeal and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a monthly fee of $ 4.99 to ship all your orders for free, no matter how many. Otherwise, the flat rate is $ 7.99.

As the summer months are fast approaching, it’s time to examine your closets for sunscreen. I always try to check because I’m usually SPF expired and half Irish. So it is crucial to need a good one. The SkinStore wants you to be ready for fun in the sun and offers a 28% discount on sunscreen and SPF infused products with code SPF28 Start today.

Even if you only take a short walk outdoors, it is important to protect your skin, especially if you are younger. You will shine forever if you protect your pores now. Even one good moisturizer with a high sun protection factor is wise to integrate into your beauty routine. There are many La Roche Posay At this sale, they are generally known for some of the best skin care products. All of them are golden.

Free shipping on orders over $ 49. This offer runs until May 19.

These bright and colorful short trench coat is perfect for spring. It is made of stretch cotton twill and has a number of stripes of different sizes with a striking color palette. The new entry Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific is currently 30% cheaper than the list price.

It’s Monday, the best day of the week. Ok, it’s probably one of the worst, but your friends are on this Monday Ella Paradis wants to brighten it up with a competition. They will be in celebration of the masturbation in May 25 special readers awarded the Rabbit Lily.

This is one of them Top products and retail for $ 79. Ella Paradis is also making such a cheeky sale at the moment. Enter the code IMPRESSIVE When you check out you get up to 50% discount, although most discounts are around 20%. But you never know! The free shipping of all products is still possible.

You can participate until May 24th. Sie müssen in den USA leben und über 18 Jahre alt sein. Die Gewinner werden am 25. Mai anlässlich des Internationalen Masturbationstages bekannt gegeben.

Die Tatsache, dass Too Faced ihre Minis aus Mascara, Primer und Traumcreme enthält, macht es fast zu gut, darauf zu verzichten. Bis zum 12. Mai Schnappen Sie sich vier Deluxe-Minis bei einem Kauf über 45 US-Dollar.

Sie können auch einen anderen Verkauf nutzen, um diese magische Menge zu erreichen. Mischen und kombinieren Sie entweder drei Reichhaltige und schillernde Lipglosses or drei Juicy Fruits Lipglosses für 30 Dollar. Dies ist im Wesentlichen eine halbe Ermäßigung für eines der besten Produkte von Too Faced.

Kostenlosen Versand für alle Bestellungen. Für diese wird kein Code benötigt. Der Warenkorb fordert Sie auf, die Minis auszuwählen, wenn Sie auf klicken, um die Kasse vollständig auszuchecken.

Hast du das gesehen? John Wick Trilogie diesen Monat? Nein? Was machst du dann mit dir selbst? Wenn Sie die Abenteuer des intensivsten Tierliebhabers der Welt genießen möchten, können Sie alle drei Filme günstig kaufen – bei Amazon Video unter 10 US-Dollar pro Stück. John Wick and John Wick: Kapitel 2 sind $ 7 pro Stück, während der neueste Film, John Wick: Kapitel 3 – Parabellumist $ 8. Insgesamt sind das nur 22 US-Dollar!

Jetzt ist der dritte Film auf HBO verfügbar, wenn Sie dieses Abonnement haben, aber HBO fehlen aus irgendeinem Grund die ersten beiden Filme. Zusätzlich während der ersten John Wick geht ziemlich oft in den Verkauf, das zweite Kapitel nicht. Warum ersparen Sie sich nicht die Kopfschmerzen beim Versuch, die richtigen Abonnements und Angebote zu finden, und holen Sie sich jetzt alle bei Amazon?

LEGO Classic Große kreative Backsteinbox | $ 44

Wenn Sie LEGO für ein kleines Kind kaufen, beginnen Sie mit einer der LEGO Classic-Boxen. Dieses große Set gibt Ihnen einen beträchtlichen Stapel von 790 Stück zu Beginn.

Ohne schrittweise Anleitung ist dieses Set ideal, um Kinder mit den winzigen Blöcken vertraut zu machen und dabei ein wenig Kreativität freizusetzen. Natürlich gibt es größere Duplo-Blöcke für die Really Young’uns, aber LEGO schlägt vor, dass dies ideal für Kinder ab 4 Jahren ist. Derzeit sind es 16 US-Dollar.

Wenn Ihre Online-Gaming-Abonnementzeit knapp wird, können Sie sich noch heute mit erheblichen Rabatten auf Abonnements bei CDKeys und Amazon eindecken. Bei ersteren hinzufügen Drei Monate Xbox Game Pass Ultimate für 25 US-Dollar, or ein Jahr PlayStation Plus für 30 US-Dollar. Sie können für beide auch 5 US-Dollar pro Jahr für EA Access bei Amazon sparen Playstation 4 and Xbox Oneoder jeweils 25 US-Dollar.

Mit all diesen Abonnements haben Sie Zugriff auf ein wachsendes Angebot an Premium-Spielen, exklusiven Rabatten und im Fall von Konsolenabonnements auf Online-Spiele. Treffen Sie Ihre Wahl.

Die Quarantänesuche nach Nintendo Switch wird fortgesetzt. Jeder, der versucht hat, einen Nintendo Switch Lite für sich oder seine Lieben zu kaufen, weiß in letzter Zeit, was für ein unmögliches Unterfangen dies angeblich ist. Entweder Sie finden einen und er ist ausverkauft, die Preise sind auf ein unangemessenes Niveau gestiegen, oder Sie können überhaupt keinen finden. Im Moment kannst du Schnapp dir einen bei GameStop in Grau, Gelb, or Türkis bei seinem $ 200 UVP.

Das gelbe Modell ist online nicht vorrätig, aber hier in Dallas gibt es reichlich Lagerbestände. Sie können die beiden anderen Farben versenden lassen, wenn das Aussteigen nicht möglich ist. In diesem Fall können Sie die Spiele sogar digital kaufen. Könnten wir vorschlagen, zu untersuchen Animal crossing: new horizons?

Holen Sie es sich, bevor jemand anderes den letzten für sich selbst sichert. Und wenn Sie die Stunden eingegeben haben, schlagen Sie ein unsere Animal crossing: new horizons discussion von letzter Woche mit deiner eigenen Einstellung zum Spiel. Macht es wirklich Spaß zu spielen oder einen verherrlichten Job-Simulator? Lassen Sie es uns wissen, nachdem Sie unseren Beitrag gelesen haben.

Wenn Sie der größte Shonen Jump-Fan sind, den Sie kennen, brauchen Sie diese Jump Force Collector’s Edition für Xbox One, jetzt 15 $ Rabatt bei Amazon. Folgendes erhalten Sie im Now-81-Dollar-Paket:

  • Komplettes Spiel
  • Drei Kunsttafeln
  • Exklusives Diorama
  • Steelbook

Sprungkraft ist ein episches Crossover-Kampfspiel mit Serienfavoriten aus Shonen Jumps Top-Anime und Manga, darunter Naruto, Dragon Ball, Ein Stück, Hunter X Hunter, und mehr.





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Egal, ob Sie sich mitten in einem Fotoshooting befinden, kurz bevor Sie zu einem langen Flug abheben oder während Sie ein Routine-Backup durchführen, der Speicherplatz ist ein echtes Problem. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, dies zu beheben. Wenn Sie jedoch über ein externes Laufwerk mit viel Speicherplatz verfügen, können Sie beruhigt sein und alle Ihre Informationen überall hin mitnehmen, ohne Ihre Tasche zu beschweren. Das 2 TB tragbare USB-C-Laufwerk von SanDisk ist teuer und kostet normalerweise etwa 550 US-Dollar, aber heute sind es bei B & H Photo nur noch 300 US-Dollar. It’s not cheap, but the discount makes it a nice way to make sure you don’t have to stock up on storage again anytime soon.

Times are tough right now, and that means that buying a new computer might be difficult, even if you really need one. Luckily, you can get a pretty great computer without spending an obnoxious amount of money. Apple’s Mac Mini, which packs a lot of power into a small, more affordable package, is down to $690 today at B&H Photo.

For your money, you’ll get a 3.6 GHz Intel Core i3 quad-core processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 128 GB SSD. That isn’t much storage, but you can always add a portable SSD later for some more storage. It’s powerful enough for most casual tasks, so you can get work done without too much stress, and it’ll look great sitting on your desk.

I know DOOM is all about tearing some demons limb from limb, but books are delicate things! If you want to enjoy The Art of DOOM: Eternal, which is 20% off on Amazon, you’ll need to be a little more careful. Turn the pages to see some cool concept art for the characters of Bethesda’s latest. Use a bookmark to keep track of your favorite pages. You know, gently. Who knows how long this sale will last, so if you’re a DOOM fan, make sure to grab a copy before someone inexplicably rips them all apart.

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