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Samsung Brings Galaxy Watch 3 Features In Watch Active 2: Know What They Are

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Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung has announced a software update that brings new health, communication and connectivity functions to the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which was first introduced on the Galaxy Watch 3. One of the new features is run analysis, which runners can use to improve their form and performance. It analyzes aspects like asymmetry in your steps, flight time, contact time, stiffness and more. It also measures VO2 max, an indication of the amount of oxygen you can use up while exercising.

“The update also adds fall detection. When a potential fall is detected, the user can instantly send an SOS notification to up to four pre-determined contacts to ensure that help is never too far away,”

; said the company in a statement.

This update includes all of the new communications features that come with the Galaxy Watch 3, such as: B. Support for emoticons and pictures, smart replies and chat history.

Now you can easily control the mobile experience with the watch and have instant access to the phone’s playlist. With this latest update, the music experience on all devices becomes even more seamless – from smartphones to Galaxy Buds devices to smartwatches.

In addition, Galaxy Watch Active 2 now supports the scroll capture function. So when you take a screenshot of your smartwatch, it will automatically be sent as an image to your smartphone.

This allows message threads, training information, and more to be captured and quickly saved for future reference.

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