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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 review rating

Samsung made its best foldable phone ever. Why is it so hard to recommend?

When you spend $ 2999 on the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G or Fold2, you’re buying it for the screens.

Inside is a huge 7.6-inch display that improves on the original in almost every way. Gone are the thick bezels and chunky camera module that has been replaced by the tiny selfie pinhole camera we’ve come to expect from Samsung.

The plastic protector that notoriously broke multiple screens on the original fold is still there. However, it has expanded to the very edge of the screen and is almost unnoticed. What is the fold in the middle of the fold2.

You can still see the crease at certain angles, but if you look directly at the phone the crease will go dark.

The internal AMOLED display has also been updated to 1

20 Hz (think 120 frames per second). It’s very responsive and doubles the speed you’d expect to scroll through on an iPhone. In 2020, 120 Hz is a must for touchscreen games.

As impressive as the main screen is, arguably the main upgrade from Samsung is for the screen that you use when the phone is closed.

Of the
The “normal smartphone” screen of the Fold2 has been significantly improved. (Delivered)

Gone is the tiny, inconvenient option that put on the front of the original Galaxy Fold. The Fold2 has a 6.23-inch full-size display that allows it to be used like a normal phone. It’s a lot thinner than most of the others, and my fat thumbs struggled to get the text as accurate as I’d like Samsung’s problem to be.

When closed, the Fold2 is too narrow. When opened it is too wide.

The Fold2’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness and a constant reminder that the design of a foldable phone is still a work in progress.

Many apps, including Samsung’s own camera app, don’t fill the main screen. Others, like Instagram, don’t scale properly or not at all. Information is cut out on the thin screen or surrounded by thick black bars on the main screen.

Few apps also use the phone’s new Flex mode. One of them is the camera, which allows you to take photos and scroll through the gallery on different halves of the screen at the same time by partially opening the phone. It’s an interesting feature, but not fully realized here either.

The Fold2's unique aspect ratio can be an issue when it comes to movies.
The Fold2’s unique aspect ratio can be an issue when it comes to movies. (Delivered)

Video should be a strength of every tablet, but widescreen movies barely fill 50 percent of the main screen due to their unique aspect ratio. Movies are “bigger” on the screen of the Samsung Note20 Ultra than on the bizarre Fold2.

The 7.6-inch display of the Fold2 is characterized by multitasking. Thanks to the new Snapdragon 865 chipset, the Fold2 can easily handle multiple apps at the same time and was incredibly handy on the go while trying to reply to emails while watching Daniel Andrews’s daily Covid press conference. However, if you don’t have a handbag with you, choosing Fold2 as your everyday phone is a big question.

The Fold2 feels heavy, but it certainly has a premium finish.
The Fold2 feels heavy, but it certainly has a premium finish. (Delivered)

The Fold2 weighs a whopping 282 grams and its chunky design makes it feel like a brick in your pocket. It’s so hard that I wouldn’t dare run it if it wasn’t protected by a zipper for fear that it would pop out.

Now that Samsung adopted the design of the much smaller Z-Flip, it’s also amazing that the Fold2 doesn’t fold flat. When closed, there is still the smallest gap that is easy to ignore but holds the design back.

That being said, Samsung has set out exactly how you want premium design to feel in the palm of your hand. The matte metal finish on the back of the Fold2 sets the standard for any other high-end phone and is really impressive.

Every person I showed the phone to was delighted. You want to get your hands on it right away, unfold the main screen and marvel at the possibilities of our foldable future. The novelty of the foldable screens is far from worn out.

I love the fact that Samsung can experiment with this technology so publicly. The company knows it hasn’t struck a perfect balance between practicality and price, but it doesn’t care. It knows that there is an audience out there, no matter what niche, that clings to every little improvement.

Speaking of which, the hinge in the Fold2 has also been padded. It’s now strong enough to hold at every angle between closed and fully open. This is useful when you want to prop up the phone for a video call.

Despite all the improvements, the Fold2 is neither dustproof nor waterproof. The first time you turn on your phone, you’ll see a big warning that also indicates that using a pen or fingernail may damage or damage the internal screen. It’s by no means a deal breaker, but it needs to be mentioned.

Finally the camera. The Fold2’s camera module has been heavily optimized. Similar to the Galaxy S20, the Fold2 has three cameras: wide-angle, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. All have 12 megapixels, which lags behind the 64-megapixel telephoto lens of the S20 and the 108-megapixel sensor of the S20 Ultra.

The Fold2 takes beautiful pictures and its unique design is a strong point when it comes to snapshots.
The Fold2 takes beautiful pictures and its unique design is a strong point when it comes to snapshots. (Delivered)

As a result, the optical zoom on the Fold2 is limited to only twice, as opposed to 5x on the Note20 Ultra and 10x on the Samsung top model S20 Ultra.

Regardless, the Fold2 still takes beautiful photos. The classic high-contrast HDR look from Samsung is still there, only with a lower number of pixels.

The cameras shine the brightest when combined with the unique layout of the Fold2. Thanks to the external screen, you can easily take a selfie with the main cameras.

All in all, who is the Samsung Galaxy Fold2 5G for?

It’s expensive, but not the most powerful phone from Samsung.

The design has come a long way, but it’s not perfect.

I personally prefer the design of the Z-Flip over the Z-Fold, but they do very different things.

The “phablet” design by Fold2 and Samsung is in its own race. There’s nothing like it, and investing in the technology will move Samsung forward in the future.

The question for us at home remains the same: are you ready to spend $ 2999 to get early on some formidable novelty, or wait for the wrinkles (pun intended) to be ironed out.

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