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Samsung Trademark & ​​# 39; Hideaway Hinge & # 39; for next generation foldable phone

Samsung has learned many lessons with its first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold. It looks like we're seeing some of these improvements in the company's next foldable smartphone, which could have a so-called "Hideaway Hinge".

LetsGoDigital reports that Samsung Electronics has filed a European Trademark Application on Monday, December 2, for the Hideaway hinge name. According to LetsGoDigital, the description of the application states: "Smartphones; Tablet computers were hung in the form of components for smartphones and tablets.

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Courtesy of Samsung

Reviewer of the Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphones Handed Over the Phone During a pre-official review, various hardware issues were identified led Samsung to call back the phone and postpone the launch. Digital Trends never had problems with our edition of the phone, but some users complained about darkened screens.

The new Hideaway hinge could help Samsung avoid similar problems with its next foldable device. This would also confirm earlier rumors that the next foldable Samsung phone will flip down like a shell instead of opening sideways to a larger tablet.

In September, Bloomberg reported that Samsung was working on a foldable flip-phone, where the screen would be 6.7 inches tall and fold into a compact square. The new phone will include a selfie camera on the inner display and two cameras on the outside. Because the phone folds down instead of inward, it has the same shape as any other smartphone, allowing Android apps to run normally, rather than following current Samsung Galaxy Fold custom sized displays.

Motorola has already beaten Samsung to enhance the flip-phone smartphone design with the new Motorola Razr announced last month. Digital Trends measure Motorola's smartphone in functional comparison with the Galaxy Fold, and while there are no full test reports yet, the new Razr will hit the market in early January. The design of the new Razr is physically more attractive, while the Samsung Galaxy Fold beats its foldable competitors in terms of display, camera and special features.

Digital Trends turned to Samsung to comment on the Hideaway Hinge brand and we will update this story when we hear about it.

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