Samsung will include a preinstalled screen protector on Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Buyers of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will find a pre-installed plastic screen protector on their device when they unpack it on March 8th. Samsung has confirmed that the S10 comes with a protector on the display. This means you do not have to search for something that is compatible with the first day Ultrasound In-Display fingerprint sensor. Well, this is just your basic screen protector – much like OnePlus uses their phones, if I had to guess – and it's not glass, so it scratches over time. The included protection provides a 90-day warranty.

Samsung will sell extras from its first-party screen protector for $ 29.99, but the company does not plan to bring them to Best Buy or Carrier stores as they are likely to offer other similar options.

The Galaxy S1[ads1]0E has not included this screen protector because it works well with many screen protectors. Samsung seems to be deliberately doing this on the S10 and S10 Plus to give consumers a quick fix out of the box.

There is still some confusion about the Tempered Glass Screen Protectors and the Galaxy S10. A recent video from MKBHD confirms that conventional glass protectors like InvisibleShield's do not allow the fingerprint sensor to function properly.

However, some companies claim to have compatible products. Whitestone, a manufacturer of tempered-glass screen protectors that sticks to screens with LOCA adhesive and a UV light-curing process, says it's certified for the latest Samsung handsets. So it seems that glass protectors can actually work if they are thin enough and meet the company's specifications. We have to see how annoying that is when S10 and S10 Plus reach customers.

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