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Samsung's Black Friday launches with new colors and discounts for grade 10

Usually you have to wait until after Thanksgiving to get the best Black Friday Deals, but Samsung has a head start with two new color options for the Galaxy Note 10 and some exclusive trade-in deals. As of Thursday the 21st, you can purchase a Galaxy Note 10 in the colors Aura Red and Aura Pink as well as a free pair of Galaxy Buds. Best of all, with some smart options for trade-in and purchase, you can redeem your Note 10 for as little as $ 99, saving you almost $ 900.

Of course, there are some major limitations to these deals. First, the new colors. Aura Red and Aura Rosa are only available in limited quantities in the USA. You must therefore limit yourself to certain purchase options in order to receive them. At the time of writing, you can pick up the aura pink Note 1

0 when you unlock it or buy it from T-Mobile. The Aura Red is even more exclusive and can currently only be purchased from T-Mobile.

The $ 310 high rebate applies to all models, but there are some details as well. In particular, it is divided into three different discounts. The first is a direct saving of $ 200 from Samsung when purchased from Samsung.com. This discount is up to $ 300 if purchased with a Verizon, AT & T or Sprint carrier financing plan. There is no additional bonus for choosing a T-Mobile or U.S. tariff. Cellular.

The last bonus comes from trading an old device, and Samsung has increased the trade-in discount for Black Friday. The discounts vary depending on the age of the device. However, when trading with a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or iPhone XS Max, you will receive a $ 550 discount, while the regular Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S will only charge $ 50. Adding one of the top-of-the-line phones will lower your Note 10 to an incredible $ 99, with a free-of-charge pair of exceptional Samsung Galaxy Buds at a bargain price. Upgrade to a Note 10 Plus with 512GB of storage and top discounts for a powerful flagship of $ 350. That is really good.

Of course, these are pretty severe conditions, and we doubt many have a Galaxy S10 Plus. If so, there is no better way to get one of Samsung's top premium flagship phones in 2019.

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