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Save $ 125 on Tempo, an AI-Powered Home Fitness Weightlifting Trainer

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Home fitness equipment has become high tech to a large extent. Thanks to companies like PelotonIt is no longer uncommon to pay for a subscription to live online courses mirror introduced us to giant LCD screens that you can use to watch a trainer and keep an eye on your form as they workout. Tempo is the latest fitness machine to follow in Mirror̵

7;s footsteps. It’s an all-in-one system that comes with weights and uses AI and a range of sensors to keep you in proper shape throughout your workout. Right now you can Save $ 125 on One Pace when you use the exclusive discount code CNET125.

Tempo typically costs $ 1,995, so it’s still a sizable investment with or without a discount. The code drops the price to $ 1,870, but shipping is $ 250 for a total of $ 2,120. (Tempo offers a zero-down, zero-interest plan that is sure to ease the pain.)

You get the Tempo unit itself, which houses a huge high-resolution display and storage space for weights that are hidden behind cabinet doors. It stands on its own so you don’t have to wall-mount it (unlike Mirror). It also includes a full set of weights and accessories, including dumbbells, barbells, plates, salvage roller, and more.

You must also subscribe to a training membership for $ 39 per month. But you knew that – it’s 2020 after all.

Tempo is designed to replicate the experience of working with a trainer. After all, just working with someone who can watch you as you do your reps can tell you what you are doing wrong and ensure that you are maximizing your performance. Tempo uses a range of sensors and artificial intelligence to analyze your form, track your repetitions and keep you updated throughout your workout, replacing this trainer. Probably a good thing for Tempo, it couldn’t have come at a better time as few of us can hit the gym right now.

In need of a $ 2,000 fitness accessory? Probably not. But Sarah Mitroff from CNET said in her practical pace test“I don’t think anyone needs pace to get fit, but I don’t think you’d be wasting your money poking around for it – especially if you wanted to lift weights.” In other words, if you’re serious about working out at home and enjoying weight training, Tempo is a compelling new tool that’s now $ 125 cheaper.

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