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Save 150 € on a nectar mattress and get two free pillows

  Nectar Mattress

Sleep even better knowing that you have saved $ 150 and received two free pillows.


Welcome to Day 5 of [10] 10 Days of Deals by CNET ! On day 3, I shared a product that helps you sleep better by regulating the temperature between the sheets. Today we focus on the other important factor in the equation of sleep: the mattress.

If you are in the market for a new one, now is the time for a jump. For a limited time, CNET Readers can receive $ 150 from each Nectar mattress as well as two free pillows. This is after removing the existing promo code automatically displayed at the checkout in your cart, and replaced by CHEAPSLEEP .

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OK, the standard deal is for $ 125 off and two free pillows. But, hey, the last time I checked, an additional $ 25 was an additional $ 25. Use this dough to buy, for example, a new set of bed linen or a smart speaker for the bedside table. (Anyway, the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini will each cost $ 25 on Black Friday!) Or, you know, just keep it.

Of course, a mattress is a subjective matter, and different people have different needs and preferences. Why should you choose Nectar over the countless other mail order mattresses?

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Price for one. With the promo code you will receive $ 674 with a queen size nectar. That's at the bottom of the scale for queen size mattresses. Many of them range between $ 800 and $ 1,000, at least according to the recent summary of Consumer Reports. Speaking of nectar did not appear in this round, most likely because it's a relative freshman.

The company was founded in 2017 and has probably missed the cutoff for this story, which took place in March 2018.

Another point in favor of Nectar: ​​you have a full 365 days to test your new mattress. If you decide on day 364 that you do not like him, you can return him for a full refund. Most other bed-in-a-box companies offer you just 100 days – probably enough time to make the call, but I think the longer the trial period, the better I feel.

New when buying beds in a box? Here is everything you need to know to order a mattress online .

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