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Save $ 150 with the amazing Vava 4K HDR Ultra Short Throw Projector


Put this projector in front of your wall for a 4K HDR viewing experience that is as big as 150 in.


I know what I want for Christmas. (Hanukkah, actually, but you get what I’m talking about.) It’s this Vava 4K HDR projector that puts a beautiful mammoth image on the wall and solves a number of challenges normally associated with projector setups. It normally costs $ 2,800, but now there’s a discount: The The VHD 4K projector UHD ultra-short circuit laser is available for $ 2,650 from b8ta.com using the code CNET150. While this is little more than half the 10% ($ 280) discount we saw in August, it’s $ 150 off the usual $ 2,800 price and $ 100 off price Amazon price of $ 2,750. This is for the white / gray model; if you would prefer it in black, go to Vava or Amazonbut be ready to pay full price. (Note that CNET and B3ta worked together for in-store and online events.)

What is an Ultra Short Throw Projector? You can park one right under your screen or wall. That the problems of a traditional ceiling mount are considerable. The Vava also has a built-in Harman Kardon soundbar that supports both Dolby and DTS audio. This means that you can do without additional audio devices (and the associated remote control and wiring).

The projector is running a special version of Android, but it’s clunky and limited. Trust me when I tell you you want to hook up your favorite Fire TV or Roku streamer. There are three HDMI inputs so you also have room for your game console and other device. (One of them is HDMI ARC, in case you want to expand beyond the built-in sound system.)

I had about a day to test the Vava earlier this summer. Here’s what I learned:

  • Setting up and running is a breeze, which for me is proof that UST projectors are the wave of the future. One box, one wall, done.
  • It creates a bright, sharp image – one that you can easily see even in a well-lit room.
  • The built-in speakers sound great, although the projector itself produces a constant low fan noise that can be a bit distracting in quiet scenes. This is really my only problem.
  • UST projectors are less forgiving than conventional projectors on uneven walls. For the best overall experience, you will likely want to invest in a suitable screen. (You could too Build your own on the cheap.)
  • I want one.

To put that in perspective, you could buy something like this TCL 8 series 75-inch TV for $ 2,200 (although the 2019 model recently went on sale for only “$ 1,500”). You can even get into an 85-inch TV for less than $ 2,000.

However, with this projector you are only limited by the available wall area: it can project an image up to 150 inches in size. (And at least 80 in.) That’s serious home theater right there.

If you think movie theaters are not coming back anytime soon and want to recreate the movie theater experience as best as possible, this is a great option. Excuse me while I pop open the piggy bank to see if I can somehow swing this.

Her thoughts?

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Note: A version of this deal was originally released on August 5th when a 10% discount was available with a code through Amazon. We removed those too Kim Carrey Percussion Massage Gun Deal originally listed here because it also expired.

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