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Save 20% on a smart and reusable Rocketbook, the last notebook you will ever need to buy

Missile book

Missile book

If one spirit gave me three wishes, my first wish would be infinite wealth. At one time, my second wish would have been a notebook that never ran out of pages, but now that I have a rocket book I can change that wish to immortality. A rocketbook is of course a smart one reusable Notebook that can be completely erased if you wipe it with a dampened microfiber cloth so you can use each page over and over after saving a digital copy online via the mobile app. Only today, October 1

5th, All Rocketbook notebooks and accessories receive a 20% discount when sold worldwide.

I’ve been using a Rocketbook for about a year and I am surprised how much I love it. You’ll have to pair your Rocketbook with a special FriXion erasable pen, but it feels just like you’re using regular paper. The sides are made of synthetic material from the space age and the ink is removed when you use a dampened microfiber cloth. Let it dry for a few moments and then it can be used again. I have a pair of Rocketbooks – the little one Fusion notebook, currently reduced to $ 29.60and a big one Executive size planner (currently $ 28) – and I’ve been using them every day for about a year. In that time, I’ve gone through about three pens and not wasted a single sheet of paper.

Every notebook is “smart”. With the included app, you can take a photo of your notes page and it will be automatically uploaded to your favorite cloud service. At the end of each page there is a series of symbols. You can program the app to send scanned pages to specific destinations based on the icon you mark with the stylus before taking a picture. Not only do you get an image of the page, but your text is also converted to digital text so that it is fully searchable.

Rocketbooks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and the one-day sale covers them all.

Over the years I have seen many smart notebook products like this come and go. They mostly fail because they are just too complicated. Rocketbook simplifies work by making each page infinitely reusable and allowing you to automatically send images of pages to the cloud when needed. Try it; I assume you will love it.

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