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Save flowers for important people in your life

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Image: the bouqs co.

In the midst of a global pandemic that separates people from loved ones, simple accidental friendly actions can make a big impact.

Sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers is an easy way to let someone know that you care, whether you're trying to express your appreciation for an important worker in your life or to tell a friend / family member, "Hey, I am I still think of you, even if the society around us collapses. "Conveniently, The Bouqs Co. currently offers three ways to save on its eco-friendly, farm-grown flowers in the form of promo codes.

Promo Code # 1: HEROES25

When You Send Flowers To As a healthcare worker or their immediate family, you can enter HEROES25 during checkout to get a 25% discount off your purchase immediately receive. Click here to get more information.

Coupon Code # 2: SUNSHINE20

If you enter code SUNSHINE20 at checkout, you will receive a 20% discount on your order and will receive a $ 20 credit in the future.

For your information, this deal is * not * being advertised on Bouqs.com – I found it through a sponsored ad when I scrolled through my Facebook feed last night.

  Send flowers to an important worker? Here are 3 promo codes that you can use at The Bouqs Co.

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(It also appears that The Bouqs Co. added the same code to their Facebook page in late March.)

To make sure this deal was legitimate, I jumped on Bouqs.com and got a bouquet in placed my shopping cart. After entering the name and delivery details of a hypothetical recipient, I was able to use SUNSHINE20 on the following payment information page, which immediately reduced my order by 20%. I haven't completed my purchase, but if I had, the Bouqs & # 39; ad would have sent the $ 20 credit to me within 10 days.

Promo Code # 3: HOPPY15

If for any reason none of these codes work for you, you can always use HOPPY15 to get $ 15 at Bouqs.com as part of the save ongoing Easter sales of the company. In any case, you will take out a decent part of your final total.

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