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Save up to £ 200 with Carphone Warehouse's Black Friday SIM Offers

Flagship phones are packed with so many amazing features these days, but the incredible technology also carries massive price tags and it can be hard to convince oneself that it's worth spending so much. That's why the next 14 days are the perfect time to go on strike as companies cut prices on big phones ahead of Black Friday.

The Carphone Warehouse – which has now begun the Black Tag event – is one of the first mobile phones Retailers can start reducing prices, with the SIM-free mobile phone offering some of the main attractions. And some of the outstanding smartphones of 2018 are included.

The savings that has most excited us is the £ 200 reduction in the Huawei P20 . £ 399 (instead of £ 599) is an absolute bargain as this flagship phone first hit the market this year and is sold for a further £ 1

00 by most other retailers.

If you're more in the marketplace A much cheaper device, then Carphone also has the [319] from Nokia 3.1 at just £ 119 . The budget handset hit the market this year and still contains many of the high-end specifications that you would expect from mobile phones today, but at a much lower price.

All discounted SIM-free deals with the Black Tag sale of Carphone Warehouse:

Nokia 3.1 was £ 149, now £ 119 – saving of £ 30

19659002]] – Huawei P Smart was £ 179, now £ 149 – Saving £ 30

– Nokia 6 was £ 199, now £ 179 – Saving £ 20

Motorola G6 Plus was £ 249, now £ 219 – Saving £ 30

Huawei P20 Lite was £ 279, now £ 229 – Saving £ 50

Huawei P20 was £ 599, now £ 399 – Saving from £ 200

Huawei P20 Pro now amounted to £ 699 629 – Saving £ 70

Note: Note: Hinwe is: These offers are available for one person only week, and the discounts will end on Friday, November 16th.

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  huawei p20 and nokia 3.1

Black Friday 2018: What's Black Tag?

Black Tag is simply the name Carphone Warehouse gave to its Black Friday sales. The most important thing is that Black Day is not just Black Friday, it started on the 9th of November and gives you a few weeks to get your hands on festive offers.

Black Friday Deals

Speaking of Black Friday: Did we mention that it is so far? We have? Let's mention it again. We're now fourteen days away from one of the best days of the year to get great deals on all of your technology (and beyond), and we'll find the best deals here and share them here.

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