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Say what you want to say about the exclusive Epic Game Store products – they work

Do you remember 2019? Yes, those were the days. I remember like it was only a few weeks ago. Anyway, do you remember Store Wars 2019? And how they would ruin

If you were lucky enough to miss the entire Store Wars store (and I hope most of you did it because it was so silly afterwards): In short, Epic Games did started its own PC gaming platform, which was in direct opposition to the established Steam. Indie developers have been successfully approached by offering a more attractive revenue breakdown (and fairly hard shading on Steam and the existing Google Play breakdown) and guaranteed minimum sales. It has also gained exclusivity for a number of games that would most likely have come out on Steam ̵

1; in some cases, even under Valve's nose.

The players disagreed whether this was really good for them. I've summarized this debate so many times that I feel like I'm falling asleep just to repeat the points. In essence, one side said competition was good, the other said that paying for exclusive products was unfair to consumers. I skip a lot, but the fact that the Epic Store was suddenly the only place where a lot of games were bought on PC was the deciding factor for many players on both sides.

It turned out that Epic had the right idea about exclusivity, based on the sales data published today. If you are the only place where people can buy a coveted item, they will come to you. According to Epic, Game Store customers have so far spent $ 680 million, and CEO Tim Sweeney himself attributes to exclusive companies that they have reached such a high number in the presence of a competitor that started with more than 90% market share in 2019. By securing exclusive services for Epic, we can significantly help developers fund products and invest in marketing and awareness because we know that these efforts will bring new customers to our business instead of just sending more business to the established vendor.

Between this and the free games, Epic seems to have made serious progress in the so-called PC Master Race. The company also announced today that it will extend its weekly range of free spins until 2020.

So there are undoubtedly naysayers who get angry when it turns out that a game is exclusively available in the Epic Store (remember the Ooblets developers who are said to be dying of threats) the numbers seem like the strategy from Epic. Whether we like it or not (and I have to say I do it somehow), the Epic Store is here to stay and on its way to becoming a good PC game institution.

Sweeney promised further exclusivity this year – and we know that Godfall Rogue Company and Magic : The Gathering Arena will be among them.

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