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Scientists create cancer-resistant mouse chimeras that age 25% slower

A team of researchers from the National Cancer Research Center has developed a sort of 'super mouse' that's slimmer, cancer resistant, and lives 25% longer than regular mice.

Astonishingly, this feat's been accomplished without gene therapy. Hyper-long telomeres.

Scientists have long suspected that telomeres the protective envelopes were safe, the key to aging. Whenever our cells divide, our telomeres become shorter and lose little bits and pieces of our chromosomes.

Previous research has shown that longer telomeres should, theoretically, lead to increased lifespan but now only have them bred laboratory mice with some elongated telomeres. According to the Spanish team research paper:

We generated mice in which 1

00% of their cells are derived from hyper-long telomere ES cells. We observe that these mice have longer telomeres and less DNA damage with aging. Hyper-long telomere mice are lean and show low cholesterol and LDL levels, as well as improved glucose and insulin tolerance.

Previous findings have been published in the recent issue of the Telomeres.

These experiments could one day lead to longer human lives. While it could not last much longer, it would not be able to survive. "

According to the researchers:

These findings suggest that there is no longer a negative selection for individuals with longer telomeres than normal in species, and therefore, one can envision that natural selection processes which favor individual telomeres within a given species species longevity.

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