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Season 8 comes with pirates, a volcano and two new locations

The eighth season of Fortnite has reached the sound of an erupting volcano.

The biggest change is the addition of two new sites that have formed in the aftermath – Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps – that can be found in the northwest of the island, around the volcano that once existed where Wailing Woods was. There is now to look out for lava and volcano outlets that will give you a boost in the air. The snow-covered part of the island that formed in the 7th season is still present, leading to the most varied replay of Fortnite Island .

This season has a pirate and adventure theme Not just the changes to the card itself, but also a new pirate cannon weapon. Meanwhile, some prominent elements of the game have been eliminated: aircraft, ATKs, shopping carts, radiator grenades, and deceitful snowman disguises have all disappeared from Fortnite which begins today. The complete patch notes can be found here.

A new season also means a new passport, and this time it includes a series of pirate-themed goodies: new skins and gliders, adventurous themed music, and for some reason a wooden carved dog. Most importantly, there's a terrifying new banana peel called Peely. As usual, there are a total of 1

00 rewards that you can unlock through the Battle Pass, and it will be available for the next 69 days.

We know Season 8 has been traveling for some time, of course, and Epic has been constantly annoying big changes in both the social media and the game itself. The developer tweeted what seemed to be pirate art all the time. Earlier this month, the Fortnite was shaken by a steady stream of earthquakes. Epic even held a Reddit AMA that broke the news that 7th-season airplanes were going to disappear.

The new slate of Fortnite comes after a pretty full season 7 for the game. Since early December, the Battle Royale has offered a Minecraft -like creative mode, a place on the island where player creations are highlighted, drama about adding overwhelmed swords, futuristic hoverboards, and several celebrity events, including a massive blizzard and an in-game concert with Marshmello. During the same period, Epic set up its own PC game shop, continued to engage in emote-related lawsuits and other detailed plans for the Fortnite World Cup (19459004), and faced a new competitor with Apex Legends of Respawn . . Phew.

With all the new changes, Season 8 is likely to be just as busy. Look for treasures.

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