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Security and cost concerns could harm 5G

New Accenture research has shown that business and technology executives underestimate the disruptive potential of 5G technology worldwide.

The company's global study of more than 1,800 executives from mid-sized and large companies in ten countries found that 53 percent were found. I believe there are "very few" things that 5G will enable them to do in today's 4G Networks can not do.

Surprisingly, only 37 percent of executives surveyed expect 5G to bring about a "revolutionary" shift in speed and capacity

At the same time, executives believe the technology will have important competitive implications. 70 percent believe that 5G applications will give them a competitive edge over customers. More than two out of five executives also expect 5G to have a significant impact on speed (46%) and capacity (42%).

Potential Impact of 5G

Accenture's network carries out the leadership of George Nazi, offering unimagined possibilities that are hard to imagine today, and says:

"The reality is that 5G brings with it a great wave of connections which opens new dimensions for innovation and economic and economic development. Breakthroughs in three-dimensional video, immersive television, autonomous cars, and smart city infrastructure will open opportunities that are hard to imagine today, but will soon be transformative. Telecommunications companies will play a crucial role in making these prospects visible.

The presentation of 5G's future opportunities and uses remains difficult for the surveyed executives, and nearly three-quarters (72%) said they needed help. [1

9659002] In terms of perceived barriers to the introduction of 5G, executives identified a number of barriers, including pre-investment (36%), security (32%) and employee buy-in (29%). While 78 percent of executives believe that using 5G in the workplace will make their business safer, a third (32%) have concerns about 5G's safety.

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