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Sega is offering free games for the 60th anniversary with Yakuza x Streets Of Rage

Streets Of Kamurocho Screenshot

Streets Of Kamurocho appears to be using beam processing (Image: Sega)

It might be Sega’s 60th birthday this year, but they’re giving the gifts with four free retro mini-games and NiGHTS Into Dreams.

After six decades in business, few video game companies have existed longer than Sega (Nintendo beat them at 1

31, however). Celebrations have been going on in Japan for a while, but now they’re coming to the west too, with free games and lots of sales.

The four games are all brand new, except for one that has not been seen before. The most interesting at first sight seems to be Streets Of Kamurocho, namely Yakuza x Streets Of Rage.

There’s also Endless Zone from Endless Space makers Amplitude Studios, who combine their modern strategy games with the retro 2D action of Fantasy Zone.

Armor Of Tanks isn’t a mash-up as such, but comes from Company Of Heroes developer Relic and combines the graphics of their WW2 games with old-school top-down multiplayer action.

Finally, Golden Axed gives an insight into a can project that was to be called Golden Ax: Reborn. This is the first time anyone outside of Sega has heard of it, and it will only be available for a very short time.

Armor Of Heroes will be released first and will be available October 15-19, then Endless Zone October 16-19, Streets Of Kamurocho October 17-19, and Golden Axed October 18-19.

Golden Axed screenshot

Golden Axed – we feel like we know why it was canned (Image: Sega)

There are currently no plans for the games to be released on consoles, but they should work just fine on a very humble PC, too.

To try them out for yourself, you need to click “Play Game” on the Sega product page on Steam. This will add them to your library where they will stay forever – even if they disappear from the normal Steam list.

If you link your Steam account to the website at sega60th.com, you will receive the Saturn classic NiGHTS Into Dreams for free as an added bonus if you connect between October 14th and December 13th.

All of this in addition to the planned 60 days of games, competitions and interviews on Sega’s various social media channels and promised discounts for a variety of games on Steam and hopefully elsewhere.

We took the opportunity to ask Sega Europe if there are any plans to bring the Game Gear Micro to the west, but unfortunately we were told that there are currently no plans for that or for the Astro City mini retro arcade.

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