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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – The best items you can buy from sellers

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice is quite a challenge. This is to be expected as a FromSoftware game. But really, you will probably need all the help you can get. Unlike the Souls games, you cannot summon other players to help you. So you have to improve yourself. The providers you come across during your adventure can help you, provided you have some money on hand. There are a handful of items that you can buy that you should definitely pick up before others.

These are the best items you can buy from vendors Sekiro: Shadows die twice.

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Pumpkin seeds

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Item buying guide

Like dark souls Sekiro has the always important pumpkin. When Wolf drinks the healing item, part of his health is replenished. You will receive the pumpkin after the intro area. You can only take one drink at first before everything is gone. Refilling requires a trip to a sculptor idol for a little nap.

You can add pumpkin seeds to your pumpkin. Pumpkin seeds can be obtained by defeating powerful enemies, and we also found them in chests. Sometimes sellers have pumpkin seeds for a whopping 1,000 Sen for sale.

Trust us when we say that the high price is worth it. Once you have a pumpkin seed, you can take it to Emma outside the dilapidated temple (or wherever it’s marked after it moves). It will expand your pumpkin so that you can take an extra drink. It goes without saying that it is vital to have more opportunities to heal and stay alive during mid-boss boss battles.

So when a seller is ready to part with this precious item, spend some time collecting it.

Rice / fine snow

Sometimes using the pumpkin to heal is not the most effective strategy because you have to stop and sit through the drinking animation. If you are beaten up by a tough enemy, stopping to heal is not advisable. A great alternative is rice, which serves as a quick article and restores health over time. It’s similar to pellets in this regard, but rice regains much more health. The recommended strategy is to consume rice before a fight with a tough enemy or, if possible, in the middle of a fight.

The advantage is that it gradually heals you over time, making some of these difficult hostile encounters a bit easier. You can only wear one at a time, but rice is still an excellent plan B if things start to get hairy.

You can get it from the divine rejuvenating child in the Senpou Temple, Mt. Congo. Keep visiting the Divine Child to learn more when you go out. After completing the Divine Child’s Dragon homecoming quest, you can also request that your rice become fine snow – an updated version that increases your health even faster.


Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Item buying guide

Purses come in three varieties: light, heavy and dent. Light purses hold 100 sen, heavy 500 and bulging 1,000. Each of them actually costs more than the amount of sen they hold. For example, you will reset 550 Sen to buy a heavy wallet. The investment is worth it. Death halves your sen and if you are not ridiculously good you will die a lot. Your Sen can cut in half until you have practically nothing left in the battle for a boss’s defeat.

However, death has no effect on your wallets. They are saved as an article and only added to your Sen after opening. For this reason, you don’t want to open them until you’re ready to make a purchase (e.g. from Gourd Seeds). A good rule is that every time you meet a seller, you exchange your sen for as many purses as you can buy, unless you buy something else.

Update materials

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Item buying guide

Suppliers sometimes also carry upgrade materials for their Shinobi prosthesis. One of the first ones you can buy, Robert’s Firecracker, is extremely useful in both boss fights and fighting animals like wolves. Robert’s firecrackers transform into the Shinobi firecracker that was once given to the old man in the dilapidated temple. He will upgrade your prosthesis to give you access to movement that creates an explosive flash. Opponents who are caught in their wake are temporarily blinded, immobilized and suffer posture damage. Whether you’re fighting wolf packs or competing against an unscrupulous general, the Shinobi Firecracker can help you find the right path.

Ghost emblems

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Item buying guide

To use prosthetic movements like the Shinobi Firecracker and the Shuriken, you need Spirit Emblems. Spirit emblems aren’t actually bought from vendors, but they’re important enough to mention here. They cost 10 Sen and you can hold up to 15 at a time. Any excess spirit emblems you have will be used to replenish the 15 when you rest with a sculptor idol where you buy them.

You always want to keep your spirit emblems full. Spiritual emblems are used with every prosthetic movement. A Shuriken throw uses one, while more intense moves like the Shinobi Firecracker cost three. Get in the habit of checking your current inventory for each sculptor idol and buying if necessary.

Dragon’s blood droplets

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Item buying guide

If you use Resurrection in combat, you have another chance of winning, but it comes at a price. If you rise again too often, you will receive an item called Red Essence. This is not an item you want, as it will reduce the percentage of invisible help. Invisible help is a chance that you won’t lose your sen and post-experience. Rot Essence also affects an NPC with a disease called Dragonrot. While you are sick, you cannot complete your storylines. Red Essence is in Key Items. You will inevitably collect a few or more of these unfortunate items.

A little later, you can collect a blood sample from someone dealing with Dragon Red. In this way, Emma can heal and receive a recovery spell and dragon’s blood droplets. With these items you can heal everyone with Dragon Red at Sculptor’s Idols. The recovery spell will last forever, but dragon’s blood droplets will not. You can buy this important item from vendors for 180 Sen.

Acquire Sen

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Item buying guide

You can find purses around the world to give you a lot of sen, but the most consistent source of sen is enemies. When you kill an enemy, the body glows most of the time. Stand over it and hold down Square / X to take your Sen. It’s easy to forget to do this, especially if you have other enemies, but try to remember to loot when the coast is clear.

If you need sen, you can reset enemies in an area where you feel comfortable by resting with a sculptor idol. The enemies return to the same positions they were in before. You can repeat the same area as many times as you want. All common enemies reappear, but don’t worry, you don’t have to deal with the generals again.

Alternatively, you can resell found items to suppliers. If you find that you are not using certain items that are abundant around the world (such as Fistful of Ash), you can exchange them for Sen from any provider.

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