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Share your memories and reviews of the last iPod Classic

This week marks a kind of anniversary for the “classic” iPod of the 6th generation. Not the release date (September 5, 2007), but the date it was officially discontinued: September 9, 2014. That was the day Apple stopped producing touchscreen mobile music players. The 6th generation iPod Classic was the last device with a physical click wheel and a 30-pin connector and had a maximum storage capacity of 160 GB. I actually still have a working 6th generation iPod Classic and still use it today. It̵

7;s useful because it doesn’t consume valuable satellite internet bandwidth, and it’s also an oddly specific time capsule of the music I heard more than a decade ago.

Who else has a classic 6th generation click wheel model from 2007? What score would you give the last original iPod? What do you miss most about the device? Tell us all: what kind of playlists did you create, how far did you travel your old iPod, and where would you put it in the annals of tech history? You can leave all of your memories and ratings on the iPod Classic product page, reminding yourself that the best ratings are in an article with a summary of user ratings

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