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Should I upgrade my Instant Read Thermometer?

Buy Committee Let us know which products you always put in your cart just to "Save for later." We offer our take and ask the readers who own the product to weigh them.

The barbecue season is only a few weeks away, but Emily McKinney just does not seem to add the Lavaworks Javelin Pro Duo to her kitchen counter. It is well known that digital thermometers can make cooking infinitely easier, but for Emily, it's not a matter of having one, but of upgrading.

I've been complaining for some time about buying a dazzling moment. Read the thermometer to replace my mediocre (a $ 1

5 Taylor model I had for 5 years).

I'm not a professional chef, but I cook at home several times a week and also try to perfect my steak grill technique. I currently have a fairly simple model that works well, but it takes a while for the temperature to reach (though I never really timed it).

I know that Kinja readers rave about the Thermapen, and I almost bought one, but then I read a lot of reviews and thought I had opted for a cheaper (but still highly rated) model, the Lavaworks Javelin Pro Duo.

But it still languishes in my Amazon car because I think I'm torn between asking if I should just cheer for the "gold standard" therapy pamps or if I have any real difference in speed compared to the I'm just using it, and it's stupid to spend even more money to cut off a second or two.

. So, Buy Committee (that is you), ] scroll to the comments to share your experiences with digital thermometers in general, and in particular with Lavaworks Javelin Pro Duo and Thermapen. Help Emily decide if she should upgrade and what to buy!

Although the Javelin believes he is magnificent, the Thermapen is the undisputed leader of the place and has some quality of life characteristics that the Javelin does not have such. A rotating screen and a motion sensor that automatically shuts off when not in use. Do not forget the other ThermoWorks thermometer, the ThermoPop. It is much cheaper than the other two options and just as accurate, with only one or two seconds of speed sacrificed. It's certainly the best value of the three, but you can not make a mistake with any of them.

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