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Should You Buy or Wait for an Intel Mac?

So Macs with Intel in it!

So Macs with Intel in it!
photo:: Alex Cranz / Gizmodo

Apple started, which can be very good the last Intel iMac This week, and while we haven’t had enough time for a full review, early benchmark results show an absolute beast of a machine (even when our test unit is loaded with enough stuff to take the price to an incredible $ 4.500). When your old iMac has shown its age or you just feel like having something new and beautiful in this hastily organized one Home office, you are likely Ask yourself if you can should buy the new Intel iMac or if you should Wait for an iMac with Apple’s own processor around the corner.

While Apple has promised to ship Macs loaded with its own silicon later that year, No one has said what these devices actually are, so you have to decide whether or not to wait buy even more sophisticated.

There were early rumors that the iMac would be one of the first devices to receive an Apple Silicon Makeover. However, recent evidence refers to the recently updated Macbook Pro and the MacBook Air, which was last updated in March, first Devices with Apple ARM based CPU Within.

But here’s the thing: F.or for the first time in half a decade Apple is actually in step with Intel, Released products with the latest Intel processors. Traditionally, Apple products had Intel CPUs a year or more out of date –the company at a truly monstrous time I’ve tried selling laptops with 5 year old processors at full price.

But that’s not the case at the moment! When you buy an Apple device, it will have an Intel (custom) processor that is of the same generation as its competitors. While ARM is right at the bend in the river, there has never been a better time to buy an Apple laptop or desktop.

And no, you probably shouldn’t wait for the first ARM Apple devices. Many of us will likely buy one just to play with them and use an excuse like: “I needed a second laptop anyway”? No doubt. Should You Buy Apple’s First Generation ARM Computers? Sky, No!

As with automobiles, the first major laptop redesign often comes with … problems. My original R.etina MacBook Pro died a slow death after a flood of Display problems. I went through three replacement parts for a first generation MacBook Pro with touch barand the biggest lemon implement I’ve ever owned was 2009 first generation unibody iMac. I keep buying these things because I really like new things. and once I touched a hot iron three times in a row before I noticed it it was hot, So you know that I’m not always quick.

These devices often have many problems to solve, and early adopters are like unofficial beta testers. Even the most careful internal testing of laptops will not solve all of the problems that will arise when they are released in a broad version. There will be problems. Maybe they’re thermal problems. Maybe some of the new laptops will never-In front-seen display connection or a radically redesigned hinge. Who can say what the problem will be! But it will almost certainly exist and that means risk much of hours in the Apple Genius Bar.

Why should you buy yourself a brand new, (hopefully) completely redesigned iMac unless you’re my stupid ass? with a never-In front-second hand-to the-The-Purpose processor when you can get the best iMac instead Apple has Made with Intel inside and wait for all the dust to settle? You should never buy the first generation of a device unless you absolutely have to – but If you have thousands to blow your head then definitely go for it.

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