Siri gets new airlines, food orders and dictionary shortcuts, more on the way – TechCrunch

Announced at WWDC last year, Apple has launched Siri Shortcuts with a pretty stable clip. The company claims that there are now "thousands" of apps integrating the iOS 12 feature that provides the wizard with all sorts of third-party features.

As of today, there are five new shortcuts . Most notably (depending on where you get your airline miles, I suppose) is probably American Airlines. When you say, "Hey Siri, Flight Update," you'll see information about your upcoming travel plans. The response uses location information to determine what the share is, including flight status, travel time, and the gate from which it will depart.

Caviar also has a new abbreviation. Users can then check the food status or reorder frequent items, such as "order my usual pizza". For those of us who are completely satisfied with the traces of food we have dug into. Meanwhile, Merriam Webster adds a "word of the day" shortcut, while Dexcom allows the smart assistant to measure blood glucose.

In the coming months, Apple will add shortcuts from Airbnb. Drop, ReSound and Coffee Makers Smarter. All are members of the latest additions to Waze and Nike Run Club. Apple clearly sees opportunities in the capabilities to extend Siri functionality through increased competition from Google and Amazon.

The addition of the various types of features can result in a much richer speech ecosystem, while leaving all third-party developers free to raise a lot.

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