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Six things about cars that only kids of the 90s will remember

No air conditioning, fold-down windows, and tape recorders are just some of the now-extinct features of cars that should be remembered by anyone born before the turn of the millennium.

Drivers at StressFreeCarRental.com car rental comparison site have released a nostalgic list of auto features teenagers are now likely to never experience again.

Modern cars are equipped with touchscreen media systems, electric windows, air conditioning and every convenience. They are also safer than ever and more convenient for many Britons.

British children today would be amazed at the features that many adults took for granted in yesterday̵

7;s cars, and many features in cars from the 1990s will only bring back memories.

A spokesperson for StressFreeCarRental.com said, “Driving is constantly changing and evolving with new technologies. As a result, many of the once-popular features of automobiles have become obsolete in recent decades.

“This led us to think that it would be interesting to examine what old-fashioned vehicle features are foreign to children today.

“We hope that, like us, you can remember these now-extinct traits that make us fondly look back on our childhood.

“Many children of other generations will never understand the physical exercise that involved manually opening windows or rewinding a cassette with a pencil.”

If you

Take a trip back in time with this rundown of vehicle features only kids from the 90s will remember:

If youCassette recorder.

In the 1980s and 1990s, in addition to the radio, you had to play cassettes to hear your music in the car.

From Bryan Adams to the Beach Boys, childhood memories are made on road trip tapes. Sometimes you even need to use a pencil to rewind the cartridge.

If youCar radios.

If you were lucky enough to have a new model car in the 90s, then you have a car stereo that plays CDs or CDs. Sometimes scratchy and often very loud, CDs allowed the 90s children to take over the selection of the album.

Many parents took off the front of the stereo and took it inside to prevent theft. .

Lighters and ashtrays.

We have now said goodbye to the built-in cigarette lighter. This is probably the best as you would press a button and a scorching piece of metal would show up to light a cigarette.

Not the safest handling while driving. .

Along with the cigarette lighter was the ashtray, but mostly this was used for spare coins to pay for parking

.Fold down the windowIf you

In older car models there were no electronic windows as we are used to today. Children in earlier years had to turn the window up and down with brutal force. .

.The reliable wheel lock.

Although cars can still be bought and used by many Britons, they now have more sophisticated security systems. The kids of the 90s all experienced wheel locks, either from their own parents or from the uncle who pulled out the big yellow deterrent at every family get-together. .

.No air conditioningIf you

The sweating in the back and the folding of the windows could be a familiar memory to many, as cars normally don’t have air conditioning. On long journeys, chocolate snacks had to be eaten first as the car soon got hot without air conditioning.

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