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Six things venture capitalists are looking for in your pitch – TechCrunch

Founder Pitch Venture Capitalists at every opportunity, which is why most of them quickly develop the skills needed to determine whether someone is giving them an opportunity or wasting their time.

At TechCrunch Early Stage I chatted with NFX Managing partner James Currier about how founders can find the right investors and what they have to show to win an investment. Currier was on both sides of the deal table and started several startups before moving on to early stage investing, where he supported companies like Lyft. Houzz and house party .

“Investors are similar, among other things, in that most of them, when looking at all the companies that come to them, find themselves in a quick no, some in the maybe, and very few in the quick“ yes ”, says Currier.

He shared six reasons why investors could give a founder the rare and coveted “quick yes” to make a deal that is either perfect for them or too tempting to forgo it. Understanding what exactly investors are looking for can help founders understand how they are unlucky at the first meeting and what they should leave for follow-up. For those who could not participate in TechCrunch Early Stage virtually, click the link below.

This interview has been edited slightly for clarity.

. traction

“The first thing they’re looking for is traction. Look, even if they don’t like you, if they don’t like the market, but you make a lot of money, what will they say? If it grows very quickly and you are profitable, you have high margins and everyone wants to work for you and there is this enthusiasm around you. What will they say You have to invest because you have traction. “

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