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Skrapz reveals plans for Black Ops Cold War when unable to play in CDL

Former London Royal Ravens star Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall has outlined his plans for the 2021 Call of Duty League season in case he fails to find a team.

In the opening year of the Call of Duty League, the London Royal Ravens reached the semi-finals of the most prestigious event of the year, the CDL championship, with strong performances from the Marshall twins Skrapz and Wuskin.

Although Skrapz didn̵

7;t take a Home Series win during the season, he’s still been one of the top Call of Duty pros in recent years, but he surprised his fans after revealing that he might not be a team for Black Ops Cold Was going to get.

Following Treyarch’s announcement of the Black Ops Cold War, it has been confirmed that the CDL roster will shrink to four starting players per team, and the change will result in many professional players missing out on a spot next year.

Skrapz and Wuskin celebrate on the CDL stage
Call of Duty League

Skrapz revealed he could miss a CDL roster seat.

Skrapz reveals plans for the 2021 Call of Duty League season

While much of the roster action is expected to be completed in the coming days, with contracts expiring on September 13, Skrapz admitted that there is a chance he won’t be picked up for the 2021 season.

The Call of Duty star has now revealed what he could do if he can’t find a roster, announcing that he could spend his time streaming instead.

“If we don’t sort something, everything is fine,” he explained, tweeting about his possible options [probably] take the year off and stream. “

While most players would opt for the Challenger Round, CDL fans might not be able to see Skrapz at all during the Black Ops Cold War season.

Skrapz has had success streaming Warzone for the past few months, and with Battle Royale confirmed in the next Black Ops title, this could be the perfect path for the CoD pro.

While many fans would love to see Skrapz on the main stage in 2021, it is still unclear how these CDL roster will play out ahead of the Black Ops Cold War release.

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