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Skype introduces video conferencing that does not require registration if you want a zoom alternative

Skype has introduced a new type of video call, where no one has to sign up for an account to join the chat, much like Zoom – except for Skype, the host does not even have to be available for the service or install anything.

Skype describes the new Meet Now feature as a "hassle-free way to connect with other people" who do not require an account or software download. You can simply go to a website and start a meeting from there with just a few clicks and invite anyone you want who can then join just as easily.

For those on whom the Skype client is already installed, you can start the meeting in the software if you prefer and of course easily invite your existing Skype contacts or even those on whom the program is not is installed.

The meeting link does not expire and the video call is not. t limited in terms of available functionality. You get inline chat and reactions as well as the option to blur the background (for example, if you didn't have time to clean up your studies at home before a meeting). You can also share your screen for work or class, and even record the call if you wish (recordings are saved for 30 days).

If you want to start a Meet Now session in your browser, Click here or in your Skype client on the "Meet Now" button (next to "New Chat") in the left sidebar.

Zoom and Darkness

As you have no doubt seen, Zoom has had a massive experience of increasing user numbers due to the Corona virus lock and the fact that people stay or work from home to use how easy it is is to set up meetings with the video conferencing service.

However, this surge in usage has cast a hard spotlight regarding Zoom's security, with many concerns and questions about how narrow it could be, several shortcomings in Mac and Windows security have recently been highlighted.

Zoom, for its part, has stated that any product development to focus on is frozen, security tightening is planned with a thorough review ̵

1; and its entire engineering team will work on it.

However, to exacerbate Zoom's misery, the service's infrastructure also appears to be groaning under the weight of all these new users, as we recently saw in Europe and the United States.

Therefore, Zoom is currently struggling to juggle a lot of balls to maintain service, possibly while applying updates according to the engineering team's instructions, and it appears that Skype wants to take advantage of this by trying to seduce users away from its rival with a similarly easy-to-use and convenient video calling offering.

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