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Slack Rollout Out Newly designed iPhone app with new navigation bar

According to the App Store release notes included in the latest update, Slack is launching a redesigned iPhone app today. The changes described don’t seem to be fully spread yet, but once they do, users can expect an interface that more closely matches the Android redesign that the company introduced on May 5.

So far, it has been difficult to get to the four most important tasks on your cell phone. We fixed this with a new nifty navigation bar at the bottom of the app that includes: a home screen for your sidebar, DMs (still listed last last), mentions (to catch up quickly), and you (because you’re great) (and also because setting your status / settings on the phone had to be easier).

Users of the desktop version of Slack are familiar with the ubiquitous new floating create button now on the ‌iPhone‌ app screens, as well as the ability to arrange channels on the Home tab.

Some of the user interface swipe gestures have also been changed, so users have to adjust their usual navigation instructions. “Now if you swipe right, your workspace and settings will be shown. If you swipe left, you will return to the last conversation you were in,” read the release notes.

How The edge Note that this update appears to be limited to the “iPhone” version of Slack, so iPad users will likely have to wait a little longer for the changes to take effect.

Slack is a free download for “iPhone” and “iPad”, which is available in the “App Store”. Paid subscriptions are offered to larger companies or those looking for advanced management tools. [Direct Link]

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