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Small details suggest that Final Fantasy 16 Reveal will be available soon

New information areas to support Final Fantasy 16 will be presented at the next PlayStation 5 showcase, which will be very popular with many fans.

It’s been about four years since the previous installment in elementary school Final Fantasy The series was released, and while fans of the series enjoyed the game, it made numerous fans quite curious as to when they could expect the next entry. For how loved Final Fantasy Ultimately, the development time of any game is quite long. However, new information suggests that fans of the series can expect good news soon.

As mentioned, main line Final Fantasy Games usually take a long time to develop. In fact, the final non-remake entry is Final Fantasy 1

5It took about ten years to develop before it was finally released. However, this trend of long development times does not appear to be the case with Final Fantasy 16.

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As early as the end of August it was found that an official Twitter account for Final Fantasy 16 was created which led many fans to believe that an announcement was inevitable. Ultimately, no other evidence was presented to further corroborate this theory. Until a certain influential developer made an interesting retweet.

Shinji Hashimoto is a member of Square Enix and is the current brand manager for Final Fantasy as a whole. Hashimoto retweeted announcements of the upcoming PS5 showcase, which will take place later in September, earlier this morning. According to fans, Hashimoto usually only does this when it’s directly related to a large project that might indicate something Final Fantasy related could be demonstrated during the showcase.

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With that said, it’s important to note that not only is this all of this mere speculation at this point, but that this is also a major new line for just that reason Final Fantasy The game is announced and does not necessarily mean that it will be released in time. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced in 2015 after many years of development and repeatedly delayed before it was finally published again in April of this year. So even if Final Fantasy 16 is announced that does not guarantee a quick release date.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what games will be featured during the upcoming PlayStation event. The new storefront will include additional details on the games that will be shown during the PlayStation 5 unveiling event, as well as new games exclusive to PlayStation 5. With any luck and if these speculations are to be believed, then hopefully Final Fantasy 16 will be on the list of new games to be shown in the upcoming showcase.

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