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Smart lighting deals on Prime Day 2020: Philips Hue, Leviton, Wiz and Nanoleaf are still available

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Let there be light! Whether light bulbs, light switches or accessories – smart lights are among the most popular smart home devices on the market. This could have something to do with the fact that we use our lights more than anything in our homes. Since you literally use them all the time, there is nothing you can do to make things better on Amazon Prime Day 2020 Sale?

If the thought has been tempting you, Prime Day̵

7;s prices could seal the deal – and if you’re already a smart lighting converter, Prime Day is a great time to get some discounted bulbs and lights to make your house even smarter. Here are the best deals we’ve seen so far – keep an eye out for updates throughout Prime Day 2020 as we see more:


Eero is Amazon’s brand in the networking space and has a new mesh router on sale this fall that fully supports Wi-Fi 6, the latest and most advanced version of Wi-Fi. That system, Eero 6, won’t ship until November 2nd. However, if you’re ready to pre-order a 3-piece setup now during Prime Day, Amazon, at a regular retail price of $ 279, Amazon will add a free Echo Dot smart speaker and two free Philips Hue bulbs to the deal to sweeten.

That’s a nice little setup because the new Eero router has a built-in ZigBee radio that allows these lights to be linked directly to your home’s WiFi network without the need for a Philips Hue bridge. That means you can also turn them on and off using Alexa voice commands. This is where the Echo Dot comes in.

Two caveats. even though. First, you’re not getting the new, spherical Echo Dot, but the previous, puck-shaped version from 2018. Second, it’s Hue White Ambiance bulbs, not full-color Hue bulbs. That said, you can change the color temperature between yellowish, candle-like tones and hotter, bluish-white daylight tones, but you can’t get them to highlight red, green, blue, or anything else in the RGB spectrum. Still quite a lot here. Read more about CNET.


Speaking of Hue, if you contact Best Buy today for counter-programming, you can find a package containing the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus and a 1-meter extension strip for $ 60. That’s a total of 10 feet of color-changing smart light for $ 45 less than the package normally costs.

All you need to know is that this is an older version of the Hue Lightstrip, so it doesn’t have Bluetooth support and can’t output more than one color at a time. However, if you have some cabinets in the back of a TV that could benefit from a nice accent hue, it is probably worth diving into.

GE lighting

GE Lighting offers a sympathetic selection of smart bulbs and accessories for smart lighting. Several bundles for Prime members will be available for sale today on Prime Day 2020.

One of the best networks is two color changing lightbulbs, a color changing light strip, a wireless remote control that can be used to turn them off, dim up and down or change their color, and a smart plug. Total cost? About $ 86. That would be a pretty good deal if it were just the light strip and plug.

C by GE luminaires use Bluetooth to send and receive their signals and can be linked directly to the Google Assistant for particularly fast voice control. They also work with Alexa, but you’ll need a bridge device to connect them to Amazon. Fortunately, this is where the Wi-Fi smart plug comes in. As long as you’ve plugged it in and connected to your home network, it will act as a bridge device for your C by GE lights, allowing you to connect to Alexa for easy voice control.

Either way, this is a lovely little bundle and a perfect way to add some pizza to the living room, playroom, or nursery. And if you don’t want the light strip or remote control, you can also get two lightbulbs and the smart plug for $ 38.

GE lighting

Do you already have some C by GE lights and just want to add a smart plug to your setup? Amazon Prime members can add an item to their cart today for just $ 10.

The Wi-Fi Smart Plug from GE Lighting not only enables the automation of lamps, coffee machines or other connected devices, but also acts as a bridge for your C by GE Bluetooth lights and enables them to be connected to Alexa. And yes, it works with the Google Assistant too.


Wiz is a seedy little lighting startup that makes some surprisingly decent smart lightbulbs – decent enough that Philips Hue’s parent company, Signify, bought the brand last year and started selling the lightbulbs as “Philips Wiz Connected” LEDs . These versions are older than this re-branding, but they’re just as solid and just as capable of connecting to Alexa or the Google Assistant without the need for additional hub hardware. And when you buy them from Best Buy today, you can quickly save $ 8 on a pack of 2 and cut the cost per bulb to just $ 10.


Thanks to the built-in microphone and loudspeaker, this intelligent dimmer from Leviton also serves as a living space for Alexa. Use this option to replace an old light switch and you can control that light from your phone or with a voice command – including voice commands captured by the switch itself.

Whether or not this is a worthy upgrade is up to you, but it makes sense for Alexa fans. A Prime Day price of $ 80 will save you $ 20 off the normal retail price.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Cree is a mainstay of the lighting corridor (at Home Depot at least), and its affordable smart lights have long been a quick and easy way to fill your home with bright, dimmable, automatable light. Now, for Prime Day, this bargain is even better as Cree has soft white smart lightbulbs that are 75% off – only $ 3 per lightbulb.

Remember, Cree’s smart lightbulbs use ZigBee radios to send their signals. Hence, you need a ZigBee hub to automate them. The Amazon Echo Plus, the second generation Amazon Echo Show, the Wink Hub, and the SmartThings Hub work among others.

In the meantime, regular, non-connected Cree LED light bulbs are also available for Prime Day with discounts of up to 40%. Read more about CNET.

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