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Smartphone shipments in China down 15.6% in August

SHANGHAI: Smartphone shipments in China were down 15.6% yoy in August, government data from Thursday showed.

The figures show that consumer demand for mobile phones in China remains low and that companies like Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Xiaomi Corp and Apple Inc will have a harder time than before convincing customers to buy their latest products.

According to China̵

7;s Information and Communication Technology Academy (CAICT), a state-backed think tank, phone makers shipped 24.4 million cell phones in July, up from 33 million the previous year.

This continues into summer as shipments decreased by 10%, 16% and 35% respectively in May, June and July.

China is one of the few countries where retail stores have almost fully reopened after virus lockdowns, making it a key market for hardware brands this year.

Both Huawei and Apple are expected to introduce new flagship devices in the fall.

Apple and its competing smartphone brands do not publicly disclose regional shipping data.

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