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Snapchat announces a new gaming platform in April

  But will Snapchat develop a game with GHOSTS?
But will Snapchat develop a game with GHOSTS? cloudfront.netmediazgkymde1
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If a new report is correct, you might soon have the opportunity to play a little mobile games on Snapchat between all those silly snaps you make from your dog barking in its own shadow.

The news comes from Cheddar, which reports that Snapchat is hosting the platform codenamed "Project Cognac" at its partner summit on April 4 Cheddar also reports that he saw an invitation to the event (I'm assuming that mine was lost in the mail), that the slogan "Talk less, play more."

Snapchat did not comment publicly on the report rt; Mashable has also been looking for more details.

A new gaming platform on Snapchat seems a logical conclusion to anyone who has been following the company for a year. After all, it's been nearly a year since Snapchat launched its AR "Snappables" game feature that allowed users to play games while making ridiculous selfies.

Since then, The Information reported in June 2018 on the development of a snap gaming platform, and CNET reported that the company previously invested in Prettygreat in 2019, the studio responsible for the popular "Fruit Ninja" game records.

All this happened against the background of investments by Chinese company Tencent in Snapchat, which had previously said games were a new potential way to generate revenue for the company. (Tencent also owns Riot Games and has made significant investments in developing and publishing games in the US.)

Well, these seem inevitable at the time. I just hope the people involved are smart enough to develop a game with this dancing hot dog because it's not the hero we deserve but the hero we need.

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