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So you see the football game "Giants vs. Patriots Thursday Night" tonight without cables

  Tom Brady Pats TNF

Tom Brady tries to keep the Pats unbeaten while his team plays against the Giants on Thursday night.

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In week 5 of the NFL season, the Colts gave the Chiefs their first defeat, the Raiders defeated the Bears in London, the Packers beat the Cowboys in Dallas and the 49ers rocked Baker Mayfield and the Browns. After a defeat against the Patriots and a 0-5 deficit, Washington dismissed his coach. You can see all results of week 5 of the NFL here. Week 6 begins Thursday evening with a Super Bowl XLII and XLVI rematch as the New York Giants travel to Foxboro to compete against the New England Patriots. Given that the Giants will play tonight without three of their best offensive weapons – Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard – and the undefeated patriots on both sides of the ball continue to look impressive, there's a reason why New York is an outsider with more than two touchdowns.

The good news for the fans is that tonight more than ever there are opportunities to pursue the only NFL game in town. The starting signal for 20:20 clock. ET on Fox, the NFL Network, Twitch, Yahoo and Amazon Prime Video . Cable cutters can watch Thursday night football without wires – as well as the remaining NFL games this season on Thursdays and Sundays.

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Live TV streaming services for cable cutters : How to choose …


Watching Fox (and how to get 4K)

Fox's Thursday Night Football broadcast can broadcast both live TV streaming services to your local Fox station (see below) , as well as being broadcast via an antenna. Cable or satellite.

New for 2019 is the ability to watch Thursday Night Football in 4K. Traditional cable and satellite companies such as DirecTV, Altice's Optimum, Comcast's Xfinity, Verizon Fios and T-Mobile's TVision offer all 4K versions of the game if you have a compatible set-top Own a box. In addition, the FuboTV streaming service allows subscribers to watch in higher resolution on most 4K streaming devices.

The disadvantage? The game itself is not a native 4K stream. Instead, it is produced in 1080p with HDR and then upconverted to 4K HDR.

The Fox Sports App (not to be confused with the Fox Sports Go App) will broadcast the game in 4K on the Apple TV 4K and certain 4K Roku devices, but you will need to register a cable, satellite or Live TV streaming provider to access the stream in the app.

What about Amazon Prime Video?

In addition to Fox and the NFL network, Amazon broadcasts the game live to Prime Video subscribers. Fortunately, they must have the Prime Video app, but fortunately this is available on numerous devices, including:

  • Computer
  • Fire TV and TV Sticks
  • Rokus
  • Apple TVs
  • Android TV
  • [19659020] Smart TVs (Vizio, LG, Samsung)
  • Blu-ray players
  • Game consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4
  • iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Fire tablets

Prime Video also now supports Chromecast for transferring from a phone or tablet to a TV.

When you air on Amazon, you can choose to hear Joe Buck and Troy Aikman from Fox on the phone, or switch to a Hannes Storm and Andrea Kremer broadcast team. The Scottish and Irish channels Derek Rae and Tommy Smyth, who previously called ESPN football, will also be an option.

Features such as X-Ray, which the NFL's Next Gen Stats will provide, will be available to those watching on Android and iOS or Fire TV.

Et tu, Twitch?

People without prime or subscription to a video service can stream the Thursday Night Football Fox broadcast on Twitch for free on the streaming service's primary video channel. In addition to the official program, Twitch fans can view the co-streams with a variety of site personalities on their respective twitch channels.

For a complete list of co-streams for each Twitch game, see Twitch's blog.

How do I generally view my local team's NFL games?

For teams in your local market – 49ers fans in the Bay Area, Browns fans in Cleveland and so on – you can watch your local team's games on an important local network channel.

Games are usually aired on CBS and Fox on Sunday afternoons, on NBC on Sunday nights, on ESPN on Monday nights, and on NFL Network on Thursday nights. Most games on Thursday night are simultaneously broadcast on Fox, Amazon Prime and Twitch. (Note that CBS is the parent company of CNET.)

There is also NFL RedZone to consider, a channel that comes to life each fall and live coverage from across the league with the promise to give you every touchdown of every sunday afternoon show. This is a great way to see off-market action and essential content for fantasy football GMs.

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Which live TV streaming services are best for NFL fans?

The short answer? PlayStation Vue is our # 1 top player for streaming live NFL football.

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The Longer Answer: Many live TV streaming services – too Vue as AT & T TV Now FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV – add one or more local networks (namely CBS, Fox and NBC) So you are the best choice for Cable Cutter who do not want to use Radio Antenna .

The catch is that not every service promotes any local network so check each of the links below to make sure it's the desired network in your area.

Other Important Information About Live TV Streaming Services:

Note CNET may receive some of the revenue from the sale of the services offered on this site.

PlayStation Vue offers all the networks that show NFL games, and you can add the NFL RedZone channel for $ 10 additional per month. The $ 55 Core Plan is the cheapest option that includes the five channels that NFL fans need – CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network – and the $ 10-a-month sports package brings you NFL RedZone. The core plan is currently discounted to $ 45 a month for the first two months.

Sling TV is splitting its live NFL options into a blue plan for $ 25 a month and an orange plan for $ 25 a month, forcing NFL fans to make a difficult decision or encouraging both options for 40 USD per month.

Sling Blue includes Thursday and Sunday games on NBC, Fox and the NFL Network. Sling Orange includes Monday evening games on ESPN. And if you want to add the NFL RedZone, you need Sling Blue. Subscribers to Blue, but not Orange, can add the $ 10 worth of sports extra package that includes NFL RedZone. Sling TV does not offer CBS, which usually broadcasts AFC games on Sunday afternoons.

Sling packages receive a 40% discount in the first month.

Hulu with live TV costs $ 45 a month and includes CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN, but not NFL Network or RedZone.

AT & T TV now includes CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN, but not the NFL network or the RedZone. With the $ 50 plus monthly Plus package, you can watch matches on CBS and Fox on Sunday afternoons, Sunday night football on NBC, Monday night football at ESPN and Thursday night football at Fox.

YouTube TV costs $ 50 a month and includes CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN, but not NFL Network or RedZone.

FuboTV costs $ 55 a month and includes CBS, Fox, NBC and NFL Network, but not ESPN. They will miss football on ESPN on Monday night, but will receive the games on Sunday afternoon (CBS and Fox), Sunday night (NBC) and Thursday night (NFL Network). The $ 9-per-month Sport Plus package adds NFL RedZone.

CBS All Access costs $ 6 a month and allows you to watch AFC matchups on Sunday afternoons. This is a good supplement for Sling TV subscribers who do not receive CBS.

Prime Video is broadcasting the games of Thursday Night Football, which will be simultaneously broadcast on Fox. The Prime Video games are also streamed live on the Amazon Twitch, which means you do not need Amazon Prime membership to stream football on Thursday night.

Live Streaming on Your Mobile with NFL Mobile and Yahoo App

In previous years, only Verizon Wireless subscribers could use the NFL Mobile App to stream live games on their phones. Now anyone can receive a live NFL stream on a phone, regardless of the mobile service provider. You can only watch TV on your phone and only see local in-market games and national broadcasts on Thursday, Sunday and Monday evenings.

National and local games are also streamed in the Yahoo and Yahoo Sports app.

Originally released earlier this year. Updated regularly with the latest game details.

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